By Mike John

There’s a move in your future and now is the time to start preparing. Even when the move is across town, you need the right type of containers for different belongings. Without them, you run the risk of damaging something that’s expensive or has a great deal of sentimental value. Here are some things you should know about choosing the right type of containers and packing materials for that upcoming move.

One Size Does Not Fit All

It would be great if you could buy several dozen boxes that were a uniform size and pack up everything. Unfortunately some of your belongings require larger boxes while other items are best packed in smaller ones.

Before you talk with anyone about purchasing moving boxes in Canada, spend some time taking an inventory in each room. What box sizes would allow you to pack up your smaller kitchen appliances? What size would be right for the table linens you keep in the dining room? How about boxes that are right for your bedding?

Remember the goal is to invest in boxes or other containers that provide the room needed and will allow you to fill them so that there is a minimum of shifting during transit. When there’s no extra space for things to rattle around during the journey, the odds are much higher that everything will arrive at the new place without scratches, cracks, or dents.

Think About Fillers

What kind of packing materials will protect each item you place in a box? Depending on what you own, bubble wrap may be helpful for protecting quite a few of your things. Other belongings may require something tailored to specific purposes.

For example, have you thought about the best way to pack the dishware used daily? How about the fine china? There are inserts that cushion these items and keep them secure during a move. Learning more about different kinds of fillers makes it easier to invest in creative packaging materials and supplies from in Toronto, Canada rather than getting by with something that may or may not provide the protection you desire.

Remember to Buy Other Supplies

Containers and fillers are important but don’t overlook the other supplies needed for the move. The right type of packing tape is an excellent example. You want tape that is wide enough to seal the box properly. Even though the boxes are strong, the right tape will build on that strength and make it easier to arrange everything in the moving van to best effect.

Don’t forget to buy two or three markers. Use them to label each box so there is no doubt about what is found inside. Take things one step further and designate which room the contents will be used in as the boxes are unpacked. You’ll find it easier to set up sleeping areas and get the kitchen in relatively decent order without a lot of trouble.

Make a list of what you need and purchase your supplies today. By the time the moving van arrives, everything will be ready and you’ll be set to make the move to your new place.

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