Get Multiple Orgasm

Achieving orgasms for a women is much complicated than it sounds. This is because it is complicated for women themselves to find out what works for them and what does not. Well, it is quite simple for a man. All they need to do is just achieve an up-down motion for their penis and the trick is done. The sad part is that women are not having as many orgasms as men during intimacy. Multiple orgasms just continue to be a Holy Grail sex myth for them. However, you can try some tips to make a woman get multiple orgasm in bed. Read on to find out.

  • Remove the pressure from clitoris

Women who have experienced multiple orgasms said that they removed the pressure from their clitoris after having the first orgasm. You will have to guide your partner for this. Men usually do not understand what works for you and what does not. Hence, you will have to take the lead and guide him. Tell him to remove the pressure or his finger from your clitoris after you have experienced the first orgasm. It is a good idea to ask him to stimulate your labia instead of the clitoris. You need to understand that your clits become very sensitive after the first orgasm and hence, you will have to mix up things.


  • Be open minded

You will have to align your mind and body connection. If you are feeling awkward and uncomfortable, then you will not be able to achieve even a single orgasm. If you actually have sex or get intimate for the sake of it, then your body will also respond in a limited way. It will surely limit its pleasure responses as subconsciously, it will not feel free.

At the same time, after you have reached your first orgasm, you need to keep your mind open for more. If you feel that you have reached the final destination, then your body will also shut off. Instead, you should be interested for more. This will make you feel more aroused and then, you can achieve more than one orgasm.


  • Do not skip the foreplay

You have to understand that foreplay does more for a woman than the actual penetration. Also, oral sex is the key to achieve multiple orgasms. His tongue is more soft and flexible as compared to manual stimulation. Hence, ask him to stimulate your clitoris with his tongue. Also, if foreplay does not do it for you instantly, then take it gradually. Do not skip all the fun. If you get aroused slowly, then you will probably stay aroused for longer. Ask him to try various oral techniques with you.


  • Slow it down

If you have a female partner, then this will not be a hassle. However, if you have a male partner, then you will have to probably work your way with him. Male stamina is really important, if you want to reach high levels of pleasure. This is because an average man just takes 3 to 7 minutes to reach the climax. On the other hand, a woman takes anywhere between 10 to 20 minutes. The real struggle is to work with the time frame. This is the reason you should tell your partner to indulge in to foreplay. This is a good way as it will help you to start with the excitement path earlier as compared to him. Thus, you both will be able to reach the climax together. In the process, you might have multiple orgasms.


Just take a breath and try to guide your partner. Do not feel shy. If you guide them properly, then you can achieve multiple orgasms. Also, men should not focus on their own pleasure but get multiple orgasm for their women partner too.

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