quick solo sexual pleasure

Trying to get quick solo sexual pleasure can be a good practice in certain situations. Especially now with the pandemic, solo pleasure is your best bet. Plus, sometimes you don’t have enough time to find a partner for sexual release. And self pleasure is a great way to get release when you need it most and are in a hurry. Here are some ways, men and women can ensure self-pleasure.

Use the hand or fingers – Men can and usually do use the hands to get an orgasm when they are alone. Of course, it won’t compare to sex with a partner but it is an easy method to get sexual release when one is alone. All you need is a good porn movie or magazine and start. You could also imagine or think of a sexy time you had with someone to achieve successful orgasm. The same applies to women and the use of fingers to play with the clitoris or vagina can lead to a successful orgasm. Again, she can either imagine or watch something to get to release.

Hand held devices – Hand held devices are good options for self-pleasure for both men and women. Men can use fleshlights to achieve a similar level of satisfaction as they get when having intercourse with a woman. So, you would think, what is a fleshlight or should I buy a fleshlight? Well, it is a hand held device that you can use to achieve orgasm. It can be manual, where you control the speed of strokes or automatic which strokes the cock for you. Many users have used it and are quite happy as it is handsfree. Women have vibrators, dildos and clit stimulators that they can use to achieve pleasure. If you are travelling or are on a weekend trip and it strikes you to feel good sexually, use this. You can easily pack one of these devices with you. They usually run on battery and need to be charged for use. Because they are hand held, such devices are easy to carry around and use whenever you want to.

Other tech options – Men have other options for quick solo sexual pleasure such as sex dolls. The sex doll market for women is still at a developmental stage. But female sex dolls have been developed and some of the newest models have sound and are quite real looking.

Solo sexual pleasure can be quite beneficial and here area few reasons why I say so.

  • If you are feeling any kind of physical pain, like ones caused by heavy workouts or have anxiety, try self-pleasure. The body will release oxytocin, dopamine and serotonin which make you feel better in a few minutes. Similarly, if women are getting period cramps, even then, self-pleasure can help.
  • The pelvic floor becomes stronger due to the muscle contractions caused by masturbation. A strong pelvic floor means a healthy body that isn’t weakened.
  • Solo pleasure also leads to happiness and can regulate a better mood. If you are feeling stressed, then a quick orgasm does wonders for the body. You will immediately feel relaxed and in a better mood.
  • Self-pleasure has been known to improve sleep as it relaxes you, but it also builds up libido, enabling you to last long in bed.

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