trend of male companionship

Male companionship, same-sex romantic relationships, homosexuality are the different names used to describe something that has always been prevalent in society, but has been accepted only a few decades ago. US itself has seen a lot of improvement when it comes to gay relationships. The decade of 2010 to 2020 has seen a lot of changes in the trend of male companionship as more and more people have openly and bravely started coming out of the closet.

There is yet a lot to be understood about gay couples. Topics like their gender roles, their thoughts about people’s attitudes towards them, marriage, kids, etc. have still not been explored as much as they should be. The last decade proved to be life-changing for homosexual men with many positive changes in the trend of male companionship that were long due.

Changing attitudes towards monogamy

As younger heterosexual couples are moving towards open relationships, more and more homosexuals are embracing monogamy. A research conducted in the year 2010 revealed astonishing results. The study compared older and younger gay men on the basis of their opinions about monogamy. Interestingly enough, unlike traditional, old heterosexual couples, in this case older generation of gay men actually were not great believers in the concept of monogamy or one-partner relationships. On the contrary, younger men valued monogamy more. The reason being, in olden times homosexuality was not as widely accepted as it is now and so many of the men lived in fear of their families or friends finding out. In those times, finding a partner was a tough job, but since sexual urges still needed fulfilment, they had to make do and so partners kept changing as everything was under wraps. It eventually became a lifestyle. With changing times, things became more open where people could look for their life partners without fear and also proudly announce them to the world and so monogamy. Romantic involvement increased and people craved for one partner for a lifetime.

The urge to have biological children

Gay couples adopting children is not a new phenomenon. However, the last decade saw a huge change in this respect as well. Homosexual couples are moving towards surrogacy. Rather than adopting an entirely different child from an agency, they prefer having one from the sperm of one of the members and a donor egg. It’s like taking the addition in the family one step further where now they have a child of their own. It has also been seen that in case of more children, the sperms of both the partners are used alternatively to produce children so the family feels complete. With considerable increase in emotional attachment towards their own children, these men experience feelings of wholeness and fulfilment in their family life.

Recognition on dating sites

Dating sites have made finding partners really easy, right from the comfort of your bedroom, with a single click. But for a long time, this was a privilege only heterosexuals openly enjoyed. Post 2010, that changed and several dating sites were created for homosexuals, particularly for gays that made it easy for them to connect with like-minded people and find their mates. There has been a rise in the use of those sites over the last five years and people claim to have found their life partners through it as well. Some people also choose male escorts to spend time with as intimate companions.

Legalisation of same-sex marriage

This is by far the most important and major change that has transformed the foundation of human society as we know it. In the year 2015, America removed all bans and legalised same-sex marriage in fifty states, One of the most revolutionary decisions of the Supreme Court and one that was celebrated all over the world.

But the most important trend of male companionship that has changed in the last decade is the change in the eyes of people. Now gay couples aren’t viewed just as two men seeking companionship; the label of homosexuality in big capital letters is slowly fading, and now all that is seen is just two individuals in love and happy together.

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