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If you are looking for pleasure quickly then there is a list of suggestions you could try – masturbation, cam sex, sex doll and a one night stand. Now, a one night stand, one a could argue takes time, but it is definitely faster than going into a relationship. There is undoubtedly some effort that goes into getting a one night stand with a woman, and you should be prepared for that if you want pleasure. The result of such efforts can be very rewarding as both the man and woman can have a good time. Here are a few tips for men when having a well organized one night stand.
  • You have to understand that you can’t get a woman to sleep with you just with the first message. There has to be some talking, to get to know each other so that the woman is comfortable to meet with you alone.
  • Take some time and chat, be patient. Some men want to hurry things up and will say things like, “maybe you aren’t interested in my profile”. But remember such actions will only reduce your chances. But at the same time if it is clear that she doesn’t want to go ahead with, respectfully bow out.
  • Once you have got talking, understand if she is interested in what you are offering and what you want. Both should be in agreement about what each one wants and of that will be fulfilled. Make it clear that it is just a one time thing and set expectations clearly.
  • Prepare for the meeting as your appearance and behavior will finally decide if you are going to get lucky or not. Be hygienic and maintain certain standards with regard to that. Clean teeth, fresh breath and a general appearance of cleanliness will be good.
  • Be prepared with condoms and everything else that you may need for safe sex. Safety and protection are important and so is pleasure, so be prepared on all fronts. Keeping some adult toys for fun is also a good idea but bring them out only when your lady is high on excitement. There are a lot of good options to buy adult toys online which you can keep handy.
  • When you meet for the first time be courteous, respectful and friendly. Don’t immediately start talking sex and in sexual innuendos. This will just put the woman off. She knows that this is about, but it would be nice to behave in a casually friendly manner just to make her feel comfortable.
  • Remember to not force her for anything. If she says no to something, accept it and move on. For a successful one night stand you need for the both of you to be satisfied and happy. Or better, just discuss the limits and boundaries before you get to the sensual part.
  • Arrange for a nice, comfortable and clean place to have sex. That increases the comfort level for women and she will be able to open up fully. This means a better sexual experience for the both of you.
One night stands are fairly common these days and there shouldn’t be a lot of problem in getting one. But respect and decency go a long way in ensuring that your experience is well organized and enjoyable. Follow these tips and you will end up having a wonderful and well organized one night stand.

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