Second Implosion Scheduled for Donald Trump

In reverberations heard around the world, recent U.S. Presidential elections have seemingly spelled an end to Donald Trump’s bid for a second term of office. Aftershocks have continued as President Trump continues to file one lawsuit after another alleging election fraud and has refused to concede the election to Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

As one crisis ends…

However, the Presidency is not the only crisis on Donald Trump’s mind. Within days of next year’s Presidential Inauguration at which it is doubtful that he will be the guest of honor, his Trump Plaza Casino on Atlantic City’s famous Boardwalk is scheduled for demolition. Having stood empty since 2014, it has fallen into extreme disrepair and was branded a public safety hazard by city authorities. 

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However, none of this year’s unprecedented events affected the Trump Plaza Casino, aside from a continued lack of maintenance leading to greater risks to pedestrians. It now stands covered in netting, awaiting its January 29, 2021 demolition.

End of an era

Demolition of the Trump Plaza Casino will mark the exit of Trump from Atlantic City after his departure from Washington, D.C. The Trump name has been a fixture in Atlantic City, with the casino’s operations commencing in 1984. 

In subsequent years, there have been so many legal entanglements over the building and its operations. Bankruptcy filings have dogged Trump’s troubled real estate investment organization, with this casino being no exception. Through suits, countersuits, and wrangling behind the scenes, the Trump Plaza Casino building has stood, failing to age gracefully, much like its owner, critics would argue. Hopefully, they say, the building will be more graceful in defeat than Trump himself when its presence on the Boardwalk ends.

Looking ahead

If, as expected, Trump vacates his Presidential office to make way for President-Elect Joe Biden, he will not be easing into peaceful retirement. Several outstanding legal issues that dogged his presidency are likely to make headlines, including his seemingly precarious financial status and allegedly dodgy financial dealings before and during office.

This demolition has become a metaphor for Republicans after Trump. Many hope that once the dust settles after January 2021, they can continue pursuing their objectives in a state of relative normality.

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