Anal Sex

Anal sex is normal for a lot of couples and individuals. It is a great way to enjoy the act, by bringing in some variety and heightening the pleasure. Anal sex is understood as anal intercourse by many – when a man inserts his penis into a woman’s or partner’s anus. But anal sex could also mean touching or feeling the anus with mouth, fingers or hands. If we count touching, then we can safely say that at least 40% of the world’s population has tried anal sex.

Experience tells me that men tend to like anal sex more in heterosexual couples. Many women have stated that among the men they dated, most requested penetrative anal sex at some point. But does it mean that women don’t enjoy it? Anal sex is one of the most pleasurable acts and it brings spice into your sex life. But for women (as I am one) the fear is the pain. As the anus doesn’t naturally lubricate nor does it expand more than a few centimetres, the thought of inserting anything in there can incite discomfort.

However, in a study conducted, a researcher spoke to homosexual men, who often engaged in penetrative anal sex. She noted that for gay men, their experience of anal sex was similar to what women experienced in vaginal sex. The prostate did the same job that a clitoris did for women. Straight men described anal sex as more pleasurable, slippery and tight. They felt control and dominance sexually towards the female partner. It signified sexual prowess for heterosexual men. Men also said that it being a taboo, the act was hotter and more attractive.

Now that we have both perspectives, here are a few benefits of anal sex.

Orgasm – A study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine said that around 31% of females engaged in anal sex, and 94% of them had orgasmed. It is common knowledge that women take longer than men to orgasm and often they don’t get to that as the men cum before women. This means anal sex did give pleasure to women. The anus is also full of sensitive nerve endings, and some are connected to genitals. In homosexual men, the anus is linked to the prostate and leads to an orgasm. In women, the g-spot can be indirectly stimulated through anal. In such a scenario if you add clitoral stimulation, the woman will have intense orgasms!

Exciting – Because many still consider anal sex as taboo, it adds an element of excitement and naughtiness. This can bring more arousal when couples are into it. As taboo sex is an erotic fantasy, doing this can turn people on more. Hence, just to add excitement and dirty pleasure, one could partake in it.

Exploration – It is one way of exploring each other’s bodies, which is important in sex. One doesn’t know how pleasurable and sensitive each part is until explored. It has a different type of feeling, different from normal sex. Do the unusual to keep things hot in the bedroom. Explore your kinky desires and take charge of your pleasure. This can be liberating and make you sexually adventurous.

Sex toys – Anal sex can help you explore new pleasures and sex toys. There are very many options in sex toys and a good way to test the waters. Start with a small plug or feeler and then go up from that with strap-ons.

Intimacy – Such acts only bring two people closer. Because you have gone to places where no one else has, it can build more intimacy. Two people are tightly bound in close quarters and good sex needs good communication. Hence, anal is good for overall sexual health.

Now addressing women’s fear of anal being painful. With anything sexual, there can be pain, if people don’t prepare for it. It is necessary to have that conversation before you get into it. Talk to each other about comforts, discomforts and more importantly prepare. The anus has to be trained to take in the penis. So, start with small butt plugs and toys, then gradually move to rubber penises. You might also like to read some anal sex stories as well to get an idea about how it works. As the anus doesn’t lubricate itself, the crucial rule is to add lube continuously. If there isn’t enough lube there will be pain and tearing. So be prepared. Anal sex needs preparation. Pleasurable anal sex means 90 percent prep work.

So, it is completely untrue that women cannot enjoy anal sex. All you need is patience and preparation – the two Ps. Men are more vocal about it but even women can enjoy it. Men and women can both be inclined to anal sex and it isn’t just about any one gender liking it more.

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