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Sexual desire is a common feeling in humans and it is a state of interest in sexual desires, activities or objects. It is an aspect of sexuality and is a common sexual event in the lives of women and men. Sexual desire can occur as a response or can be spontaneous. Sexual desire and sexual release aren’t the same thing but are interrelated. One may possibly lead to another. It is common knowledge though that men experience and start sexual activities much before women do. And on an average, men seem to have a higher desire for sexual activity and sex drive. But this doesn’t answer the question – who needs sexual release more often? It can also be said that men “need” more sex than women, is a common misconception. Desire and need are two different things.

Here are some interesting reasons why women may need more sexual release.

-The left (male) brain has dopamine and this is where motivation comes from. Dopamine can be increased by self. The right (female) brain has serotonin which is the happy hormone. But serotonin cannot be increased by self and one needs external push such as affection from a partner. Men tend to have 50% more serotonin receptors too. This means women need more love and affection to feel happy – hence more sex and sexual release. -Women seem to be more susceptible to sleep disorders, migraines and headaches. These are signs of stress, responses to the body feeling stressed. And making the long story short, sexual release is a great way to reduce stress and relax. Now a man or a woman’s want may differ. The above paragraph talks about who “needs” it more, but let us explore who wants it more. Many men would not shy away from saying that women do not enjoy sex, as much as they do. But this is entirely untrue. The same can be said about men, that they don’t enjoy sex because if a woman feels so with a man, she can have that opinion. But it doesn’t mean that all men don’t enjoy it. Earlier women were kept from expressing themselves fully in relation to sex and were made to portray themselves as being and shy and virginal. These were positive qualities. Any woman who dared to express themselves sexually or explore sex, were labelled negatively. Even today women feel bound because of such notions. Although most women have started talking and being open about their desires.  But there are difficulties. Most times, men tend to behave in an immature manner when they come across a woman who is more sexually open than them. Due to such experience’s women tend to be conservative and closed off. But in certain settings, women can participate in sex freely and express themselves better making it a fantastic experience for men as well. Here are those scenarios:
  • If the woman is encouraged by the man, through actions and words that it is ok to want certain sexual acts.
  • Let her feel free in exploring sexual positions and trying new things.
Both men and women can enjoy sex and the desire for it is almost same in both genders. When women don’t find themselves pampered, they get into erotic stories or self satisfaction. Women have been repressed historically and that is why they may need some motivation to participate fully.

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