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Milwaukee Bucks Dominates in Toronto

The Milwaukee Bucks showed a dominant performance as they oust the Toronto Raptors in their own home 97-83. With this win, the young Bucks snap a 15-road game losing streak.

Giannis Antetokounmpo showed no remorse as he scored 28 points with three assists and eight rebounds. Dellavedova and Monroe came to play as well– combining for 25 points to help push the Bucks past the Raptors this Saturday.

On the Raptors side, Serge Ibaka had a monstrous game scoring 19 points along with 14 rebounds. DeMarr DeRozan also showed up netting 27 points with eight rebounds and one assist.

However, Kyle Lowry couldn’t find the momentum he needed, finishing with a measly four points, six assists, and two rebounds. If Lowry’s inconsistency is a sign of what is to come, the Raptors may be in trouble. The Bucks are young, hungry and ready to win.

Antetokounmpo received a controversial technical foul in the end of the 4th quarter when he swatted away DeRozan’s shot. When asked about what he said to the referee after the technical foul, Antetokounmpo flaunts tells the reporter, “I was just telling him good game and that he did a great job.”

Come the 4th quarter many occupants in the sellout crowd made their way for the exit as the Bucks stretched their lead to 19 points.

Ibaka’s jump shot with 7:49 left in the 4th quarter was the first points made for Toronto. In the second half, Toronto shot 7 for 35 combined. They went 3 for 18 in third and 4 for 17 in the fourth. The Raptors seemed to have lost their speed and momentum whereas the Bucks showed no signs of stopping. The Bucks managed to go on an 11-5 run in the 3rd quarter without Antetokounmpo.

This win was certainly a morale boost for the young Milwaukee team– as they lost their last 13 games out of 14 matchups with the Raptors. However, the series is still long and if Lowry can get into his rhythm the Bucks are in for one heck of a series.

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