By Sakil Sarawr

When in relationships, there is no such thing as privacy. Many people consider it their right to know what the spouse is currently doing so they secretly snoop into their affairs. Checking their pockets, going through their wallets, gadgets, etc. are old school techniques.

Today, the digital world provides endless opportunities to couples to spy on each other.

With the prevalence of digital apps and improvement in global positioning systems, it has become quite difficult to maintain a low profile. Every day we hear about leakage of photos, videos or messages on social media which leads to couples sparring with each other.

Advent of spy apps have allowed no data to remain private. If a person thinks hitting the delete button will erase all the proof against their cheating, they’re wrong. All their private documents can be easily found if a spouse spying app is present in their smartphone.

Spying on spouse in contemporary times

Spying is generally used as a negative connotation which can create a marital discord. However, in the current tech era, it can be used for other purposes, such as to catch a cheating spouse or when worrying about your spouse’s safety.

Recent trends show that covert monitoring technology is a boom market, as suspicious spouses are downloading spying software to spy on their other halves. Increase in communication platforms in social arena has led to increase in cases of infidelity among partners.

Therefore, undercover investigations reveal that spouse spying app is used with a sense of urgency today.

Among a plethora of spy apps, xnspy is currently dominating the monitoring spectrum. It is specifically designed for covert monitoring and reporting. The app performs its functions undetectably so your spouse will never realize he’s being monitored.

What’s interesting about digital spying is that it ensures remote monitoring, that is, all the data from the target phone will be transferred to the web-based control panel into the user device where the user can view all the live updates about the target.

Since people store too much data into their smartphones, this is a really reliable technique for retrieving someone’s personal information. xnspy is compatible with all iOS and Android smartphones so even of the target has stored some data in iCloud, even that can be mined up using the spy app.

Privacy is just an illusion? Have a look at the features of xnspy

Many would consider spying an invasion of privacy but it is often used for an innocent purpose. Yes, catching your cheating spouse can save you from emotional heartache in the future. It can also help you overcome your fear of infidelity.

And, if not used for above purposes, it can definitely help you keep a tab on your partner to ensure their safety in such turbulent times.

The ‘paradox of privacy’ usually deals with freedom and independence of an individual. But the paradox is restricted to theoretical basis only. It scarcely has any value in the real world, especially when xnspy spouse spying app is so easily available.

Here are some state-of-the-art features of xnspy that will further state the fact that privacy is merely an illusion today.

· Monitoring call log

A complete record of all the incoming/outgoing and missed calls is available in the control panel from where you can view not only the contact names but also their numbers, call duration, date and time stamp of each call, etc. To determine the frequency of a certain person being in contact with your partner, you can watch-list that person to monitor their calls.

· Reading texts and chats

Whether its text messaging or IM correspondence, you can view each and every message of your spouse without letting them know. The message details can be viewed which include name of message sender/receiver, their number, date and time stamp, and geo-tags (an icon which determines the exact location of a person from where a specific message was sent/received).

Apart from the message content you can also view any multimedia files (photos, videos, audio clips), if shared any. If you want to determine whether your partner is flirting with their current flame over messages, you can watch-list specific words such as ‘love’ or ‘sex’ so that if there any unapproved activity going on, you can learn about it.

· Tracking location

To learn about the daily schedule of your partner, you can monitor their activities through GPS tracking so that you can keep a watch on their every movement. If you want, you can determine the exact location of your partner at current time and also browse their location history. Through geo-fencing, you can create a virtual barricade on your partner to detect any unauthorized activity from taking place.

Some add-ons of xnspy that make it a distinctive app

· Phone and surrounding recording is one of the preeminent features of xnspy. It enables you to record and listen to call conversations and also hear the in-room conversations taking place near the target.

· You can monitor social networking sites of your partner to keep a close tab on them. These sites include Instagram, Tinder, Kik, etc. You can view the status updates as well as any photos or videos posted.

· You can remotely command the target phone to lock the target screen, wipe data from it, block certain apps, take live-screenshots, etc.


When you begin spying on your spouse, it is already a signal that your marriage is facing some problems, otherwise you could resort to other methods such as confrontations. No matter how controversial this act may be, it often gives you a right to spy on your spouse so that you can catch him in the act if he were lying.

There are a great number of monitoring apps that are used as an evidence of infidelity. However, you should use your time and energy to focus on improving your relationship with your partner, rather than relying on spy apps.

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