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NBA Trade Rumors: Warriors’ Andre Iguodala for Cavs’ Shumpert might just work

The NBA Trade Rumors are in full swing and we haven’t hit Training Camp yet. There are whispers that the Warriors and Cavs may be in negotiations for a player swap that will include Andre Iguodala for the Cavs, Iman Shumpert.

I’ve seen some trades in my time go down but this one has to be one of the strangest of them all. Iguodala is a former All-Star, NBA Finals MVP just two seasons ago and the leader of the Warriors second unit. Not to mention how versatile he is. Iguodala can play the point, shooting guard and small forward position without breaking a sweat.

Shumpert has never been to an All-Sar game (maybe on his own dime), he has been to two Finals, but that was riding the coattails of LeBron James. He has never been asked to lead a second, so it remains to be seen what he can do in that position. If this rumor is true then the Warriors may have something up their sleeve. The only possible explanation I can come up with for this trade is that the team cannot afford him next season and are willing to take on a lower contract to make room to sign both Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant next year.

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But, if the Warriors were to let Iggy go, would this be the end of another title chase? No, and here is why. For all that Iggy has done, the Warriors must take into account his age, production, and salary. Iguodala averaged seven points, three assists, and four rebounds in 27 minutes last season. Shumpert averaged six points, four rebounds, and 2 assists in 24 minutes. Shumpert as well has the skills to play multiple positions but Iggy has more experience.

Iggy is a better shooter and his experience has a lot to do with his shot selection. But if they were to switch, how much would the presence of Curry, Klay Thompson, Durant and coach Kerr help him improve on his technique? Iguodala is 32 years old and Shumpert is 25. Iguodala will make $12M this year compared to $10M for Shumpert who will be signed thru 2019. While on the outside looking in this seems like a waste of time, but when you have a chance to go over every possible scenario, this is not a bad deal for the Warriors.

The Cavs will all but punch their ticket back to the Finals with this trade. How weird and cool would it be to see these two teams facing each other again for a third straight year, but this time with more incentives for the leaders of their respective second units?

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