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NBA Weekly: The Undefeated Warriors Are GOOD

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Forget the power rankings.  Forget who SHOULD be MVP.  Hell, forget even all the dark horses that are supposed to compete for the title.  Let’s just get one thing straight right now.

The Golden State Warriors are THAT DAMN GOOD!  PERIOD!

Through the first ten games, they have proven as such.  10-0 record, 110 points a game, 50 percent shooting from the floor, and oh yeah, a red hot Stephen Curry.

Now with all that said, wanna hear a surprise with a team that’s struggling? A team that’s supposed to compete.

How about the Los Angeles Clippers.

Yep.  Those same Clips that acquired Paul Pierce are sitting at 5-4 and trailing the champs by 4.5 games heading into the weekend.

San Antonio and OKC round out the Western Conference division leaders and LaMarcus Aldridge is paying immediate dividends for the Spurs.  So far I feel they are the ONLY team that can challenge the defending champions and that’s because of previous experience so far.

Note I said so far.  The more the Warriors win, the more they relax and the more they relax…well, I’ll get into that at a later date.

Look at the surprising – ready for this – Phoenix Suns.  Sitting at 4-4 and knocking off the Clips in the process 118-104 at US Airways Center.  This Suns team is coming together slowly but consistency is going to be a key to them making a run at a playoff spot in the west.

Speaking of which, Utah, Minnesota, and Denver all would be in if the season ended today.  BUT, we are in November and not April and even though they are starting out great, it’s going to be that C-word – Consistency that will help them along.

Over in the East, It’s all Cleveland right now at 7-1.  Atlanta is close at 8-2, and Toronto is next at 6-3.  Surprise team so far, the Detroit Pistons!  Andre Drummond and the men from Motown are playing BALL right now and we just may see the return of the Bay Boys.

The Chicago Bulls are doing okay, but with the talent they have and a healthy Derrick Rose you would expect them to do better.  New coach, new system, same result at the start of the season – not a hot start.  Even though at 5-3, I would NEVER count my home team out but they have to gel quick or the loss they suffered to Detroit within the division will cost them later.

Surprise team in the East – And this is gonna shock everybody – NEW YORK!  Yes they’re a game under, but there’s some promise with this team.  Kristaps Porzingis is stepping in where Camelo Anthony should be (yes I said that and meant it) and if he develops a post game, this team will be dangerous.

Second surprise team in the East – Miami.  And I owe my buddy LaShawn Encarnacion credit for this one (Thank you oh Dark Knight of Sports) D-Wade and the boys are getting it together sitting at 6-3 and now with LeBron gone, they’re actually allowed to be a TEAM and get their house in order.  Though Chalmers is now gone, it’ll be interesting to see how their bench develops.

That’s the NBA Weekly – Talk to y’all in seven!

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