Most businesses that run at night time are ignored due to the lack of Attraction or Appeal to attract customers towards the shop/business. The introduction of Neon Light resolved this issue. The neon sign is your best investment to attract the attention of the Audience / Customer towards your Business. The neon sign made of distinctive light-emitting elements. These elements are long-lived and consume little electricity. The neon sign is beautiful and can vary in colours, For your daily use.

Neon Sign Usage

The neon light is beautiful and most comfortable to see as it emits soft and pleasant brightness for eyes. Tubes occupied with neon can take any form in the fingers of a capable craftsman. From street signs to lights, in the shape of whole pictures, 24 hours working business places all these places can be filled with neon lights made signs. It can also use for filling the room or houses with a neon light for beautiful and soft lighting. Try out different options at Smithers and choose the one that appeals you.

Neon Sign Life Expectation:

Neon Sign and Custom Neon Signs elements are very long-lived compared to the incandescent with easy refills. The element life expectancy is from 8-15 years.  The transformer, which powers neon lights, life expectancy is generally 5-7 years and these are easily replacable ones.

Temperature resistance:

In extreme cold season or heat, Neon light tubes can be used. It is not the same for the fluorescent lights as they tend to malfunction in the same environment. There is no need to think about overheating in use of Neon Light Tube as its maximum heating temperature is below 40 Degree Celsius. Due to this, it is possible to merge it with plastic and glass etc.

Colour Scheme:

Neon Light tubes come in many designs. These design then comes in many different colours and shades.

Safety and Security:

Neon light tubes are low temperatures tubes. A neon sign is an utterly hazardous proof, like no burnout and short circuits.

Blind Spots:

Neon sign has no dark sign areas in it. Neon Light tubes are filled up with uniform distributed gas. Colour in neon tubes is the same in the entire locality.

 How can Neon light up your life?

Neon in unlimited ways been lighting up our life’s. Whether it’s the use of neon signs to promote your business, spicing up your home décor, or its use in decoring events in a sleek and artistic way. Let us discuss how we are using neon signs until now.

Personal space:

Using Neon to décor your own home can not only bring out the best out of it but will also give the mystic and unique look.


From a long time for organizing a party or planning to through a corporate event, it is a yes to use neon signs to create the creative, visible and eyecatching interior decoration. With customize Neon signs, one can add more style and creativity to it.


To make the workplace more friendly and welcoming neon lights been used by the interior designers, most notably in the entry passage.


neon signs have been used by companies from a very long time to attract customers, generating buzz with low maintenance and 24/7 advertising.


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