With Netflix announcing June 16th as the premiere date of The Ranch, fans of the show are speculating as to what Season 2 has in store. We’ve already seen some crazy developments in the lives of the Bennett family. So the big question is, “What happens next?”


The cliffhanger of the first season saw Colt Bennet ( Ashton Kutcher ) get the shocking news that ex-girlfriend, Heather ( Kelli Goss ) was pregnant. The revelation couldn’t have come at a worse time for Colt, as he was set to propose to high school sweetheart, Abby ( Elisha Cuthbert )

It’s unfortunate that this child could mean the end of Colt and Abby. Throughout season 1, we saw how hard it was for Abby to trust Colt, and this news will certainly not go over well with her. Just when you thought they were going to make it, this situation arose.

On the plus side, a child could be a blessing on disguise for Colt. He’s always been quite selfish, and still had a lot of growing up to do. Perhaps this child helps him change his ways. And while Abby will certainly have bad feelings toward him, she might see in the end how caring and responsible he can be. Of course, that’s if Colt doesn’t develop new feelings for Heather.

From one Bennett brother to another, will Rooster ( Danny Masterson)
continue to disappoint his father by working away from the family Ranch. While it may be worth it for Rooster, Beau (Sam Elliot) felt betrayed. Unfortunately, he can’t look at his son the same way.

It’s a slippery slope for Rooster. He does care about the success of Beau and the family ranch, but his current opportunity allows him to be his own boss. Rooster no longer feels he’s under his father’s shadow. But as long as he’s working away from Beau, the tension between the two will grow.

What does Netflix have in store for The Ranch? Fortunately, fans don’t have to wait much longer. If we’ve learned anything from the first season, it’s that family will always pull through. Let’s hope the Bennett’s can do just that.

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