Digital marketers love videos in their digital marketing strategy because videos generate more conversions than any other marketing strategy. Although videos give better ROI but hosting them isn’t easy because video hosting companies are expensive. If you purchase their basic plans, they’ll offer you 3 to 10 videos per month, and that too with limited bandwidth.

It becomes challenging for digital marketers to work out their strategy according to their video hosting company’s number of videos. There is a solution for digital marketers, and that solution is “Adilo Video Cloud.” It is a new company providing premium video hosting services.

About Adilo Video Hosting

Adilo video hosting is the new video hosting company in town, which gave a tough time to its competitors like Vimeo, YouTube, Vidyard, Wistia, and Sprout video, etc. It has all the features you’re looking for in a video hosting service as a digital marketer.

Here are some of the features that Adilo video hosting service offers:

1.     It features a lightweight 4K technology that streams videos, even a slower internet connection.

2.     It comes with powerful tools that allow you to manage all your assets in one place. You can organize your videos, duplicate, copy, delete, or share your videos in a single place.

3.     For digital marketers, analytics are essential, and that is where Adilo stands out because it delivers real-time analytics.

4.     Adilo video hosting features a customizable HTML5 player; you can customize colors and put your logos.

5.     It features multi-DRM technology that protects your premium content from getting stolen.

There are tons of other features as well, such as scheduled streaming technology, goal-based ads, video experimentation, pitch pages, easy embedding, social sharing, and much more.

New Deal by Adilo Host Unlimited Videos

As discussed above, video hosting companies offer 3 to 10 videos uploads per month with their basic plans and that too with limited bandwidth. It is annoying for digital marketers and small business owners when they consume their quota; they have to wait for next month to upload another video.

Adilo has solved this problem for digital marketers and small business owners. With the new deal by Adilo, you can host as many videos as you want, even with the basic plan that starts at $99 per month. Adilo gives you unlimited storage, hosting, and encoding. Moreover, it offers a huge bandwidth of 1TB each month with its basic plan, and for a business plan, it offers a bandwidth of 10TB.

One more thing that you don’t have to worry that Adilo will change its policy of unlimited video hosting. Once you purchase the plan, you’ll get unlimited video hosting for life.

The Bottom Line!

There are different video hosting companies available in the market, and no company is offering unlimited videos with their price plans. Adilo gives away unlimited hosting and storage with all its price plans so that you don’t have to worry about monthly upload quota. Create as many videos as you want with the Adilo video hosting service.

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