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New York Giants: 3 reasons why they won’t win the NFC East

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With the NFC East being called a wide-open division the New York Giants have as good of a chance as any to win it. However, some factors work against them. To win the division, you must show consistency and triumph through times. This is something the Giants have not done in some time. There are many other things, as well, that will keep them from winning this year’s NFC East title. I will give you three reasons below.

Running game

The New York Giants do not have a strong running game. They have a lack of depth behind the starter Rashad Jennings. If Jennings goes down, ho will step up? The Giants front office will have to be out on the waiver wire trying to find an adequate replacement. To keep QB Eli Manning upright, along with maintaining his health, the Giants must run the football. This will also help open up the high-powered passing game that the Giants would like to have. All of these are factors of a successful running game.

It looks good on paper

It is a well-known fact the New York Giants had a lot of issues on defense in 2015. They were the worst defense in the league. They ranked 32 overall, 32 against the pass, and 24 against the run. So in the off-season, the New York Giants front office spent some big money to acquire some help on the defense.

In free agency the picked up CB Janoris Jenkins ($62.5 million), DE Olivier Vernon ($85 million), and DT Damon Harrison ($46.5 million). These three contracts alone totaled $194 million in free agent money. They also used their first-round draft pick on a defensive player, DB Eli Apple. They did all of this in an attempt to solidify a weak defense.

All of this talent looks good on paper, but can it transform to the field. It is not often that it does. At least not in the first year, just ask some of the Washington Redskins teams of the past. Big money does not always result in big plays.

Ben McAdoo

The New York Giants football team is under a new head coach for the first time in 12 years. Although they stayed in the house, there still has to be some growing pains for a team with a new head coach. Ben McAdoo, the former offensive coordinator, now takes the reigns as head coach.

His offense is one to be reckoned with. The big question will be; how does he handle the additional responsibilities of being a head coach? He is still going to call the offense.

Is there going to be other coaches in his ear when it comes to additional duties of the head coach or is he going to handle it all?

Many new coaches struggle with the pulling both duties. We will have to see how McAdoo and his staff work together. No matter the outcome there are bound to be some struggles.

The New York Giants have got to be a scary team on paper. However, the game is not played on paper. If they can translate the paper to the field, they will be serious contenders for the NFC East. But if that paper crumbles in the slightest bit, they will be at home with the rest watching the NFC East Champion in the playoffs.

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