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New York Jets: Who Should Be The Starting Quarterback For Week One?

The biggest headline for the New York Jets heading into the NFL preseason, is the quarterback battle between Mark Sanchez and Geno Smith.

Sanchez, who has been the starting quarterback for the Jets since being drafted in 2009, was the starting quarterback in the Jets’ first preseason game. On the first drive, he threw an interception, which got returned for a touchdown. He finished out the game with 125 yards and a touchdown.

Smith, drafted in the second round by the Jets, also played in the preseason game against the Detroit Lions. He went 6-of-7 with 47 yards before hobbling off the field in the third quarter with an ankle injury. After the X-rays came back negative, Smith believes he just rolled his ankle.

After the first preseason game, the battle between who will start at quarterback is still up in the air.

Who will actually start at quarterback in the season opener?

At this point Sanchez is the best option for the Jets right now. Sanchez has played with the Jets and under Rex Ryan for four years. He also has experience in the NFL unlike Geno. Despite Sachez’s poor play the last couple of seasons and the Jets’ fans wanting a  new quarterback, using Smith will only hurt the Jets, as he was very inconsistent in college. He also isn’t in NFL shape and is definitely not ready to lead an NFL team.

Even with the Jets’ fans demanding for a new quarterback, Geno in particular, they don’t understand that if Geno starts, the Jets are primed for another horrible season. If Sanchez starts, the Jets at least have a chance to at finish the season with at least a few wins.

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