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New York Mets: Next team to bite on Tim Tebow mania

I take it anybody can fail at one thing, then give up or another and just say they want to try something different then succeeded. The New York Mets have signed former NFL QB, Tim Tebow to a minor league deal early Thursday morning.

What does this mean for the parties involved?

As a QB, it was said that a Tebow signing would be for PR relations as his presence would sure to sell tickets no matter the team. Can the same be said for his sudden interest in baseball? Tebow has been off the diamond for years but working out for less than a season’s time in a private facility and going thru tryouts must’ve been enough to convince a few big leagues scouts that he has what it takes over the countless 1,000’s sitting at home who have done this their whole life.

The reviews on his tryouts were mixed at best. Scouts have said he has power but against live pitching, there are significant concerns. As for a player looking to make it in the outfield, his arm is below average when throwing to second, third and home. What’s to be expected of a player that has taken so much time away from the game? Was he supposed to come in and be the next Ken Griffey Jr in front of the scouts?

Fair or not, this is the situation he has put himself in. He must be good, and at 29 years old he will be fighting for a spot against kids 10 years his junior. The Mets took a chance, for whatever reason but they offered the first shot to help a person live out a dream of theirs. They will sell a ton of tickets down in Florida where the Mets instructional league team is set to begin play this month.

I hope this signing was baseball-related and not for a crowd boost as Tebow will head back to the state that loves him so dearly. Congrats to Tebow for getting another chance.

Robert D. Cobb
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