The 2017 season for the New York Mets has been heading in a bad direction. This could be due to a lack of effective pitching, the injury bug, or lack of hitting. However, how long should the New York Mets ownership stay calm about the situation before action is taken?

This has not been the season that the Mets and their fans had been hoping for. As we close out the month of May and head into June, the Mets have yet to have a month over the .500 mark. They are realistically still in contention because they are in a rather weak National League East. However, the guys need to pick it up and turn this sinking ship around sooner rather than later. So, should there be a change at the top of the hill that could spark that change?

I don’t feel firing Terry Collins at this point would be what sparks this team into winning. I would like to go on the record by saying that I was against the hiring of Terry Collins when it happened a few years ago. I felt at the time that due to his lack of managerial experience that it would not work out for him in New York. However, over the years he has grown on me. Yes, you could say that the reason for the Mets success is due to guys like Noah Syndergaard, Matt Harvey, and others. But Terry Collins was still the one who was manning the ship during the success of the last few years.

I feel that Fred Wilpon should pull Terry Collins and Sandy Alderson aside and basically tell them that if they can’t fix this mess, that they will both be fired at the end of the season. Thus you give Alderson time to make moves heading into July and you give Terry time to manage. This isn’t the first time that the Mets were bad like this. In 2015, they were only a few games over .500 and were barely surviving. Then Alderson worked out some magic and the rest is history.

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