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WWE: Why did we never get Sting vs. Undertaker?

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If you ask any fan of professional wrestling about a fantasy match they wanted to see, you would get different answers. However, the one common one that wrestling fans were saying for years happened to Sting vs. Undertaker. These two superstars were always put together because they both happened to be mega superstars of their respective brands.

For the longest time, the feeling was that this match was only a fantasy. The feeling of this match started to change in 2014 when Sting would end up signing with the WWE. The first appearance he had for the WWE was at the San Diego Comic Con to present his new Sting action figure. Once it was known that Sting was in the WWE, fans were now thinking that it was going to be a moment of time before Sting and Undertaker clash.

As history would end up showing, Sting and the Undertaker would end up not clashing at all as Sting would end up feuding with the Authority heading into Wrestlemania 31. He lost that match and then had his second and final match later that year against Seth Rollins for the WWE title. This would be his final WWE match as he suffered a serve injury. Sting would end up not having a match at Wrestlemania 32 in his hometown of Dallas, Texas. He would end up getting inducted into the Hall of Fame instead.

On the other side, Undertaker would end up fighting Bray Wyatt at Wrestlemania 31, Shane McMahon at Wrestlemania 32, and called it a career after fighting Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania 33. So the question has been brought up as to why these two icons never squared off in the WWE. While the plans were always there for these two icons to fight, it never came to the forefront. Sting has been very hopeful to have one match with the deadman, but those plans changed after he injured himself, according to sources.

While I would love to have seen these two fight, I am glad they didn’t. If they would have fought 10 years ago, that is one thing. However, talks started to heat up between these two as they both started to get older. Personally, I feel that it would have been a very slow match that would have not gotten the crowd into it.

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