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NFL Rumors: Chad Johnson to become Cleveland Browns coach?

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Former Cincinnati Bengals WR Chad Johnson hinted earlier that he may be looking to the division rivals of his former team, not as a threat downfield, but as a coach.

Ochocinco, as he is called due to wearing jersey number 85, started his 11 season career with the Bengals, and finished with the New England Patriots, racking up 11,059 yards, with 67 TDs. Since his departure from the NFL 5 years ago, his personal life, with all its ups and downs has been made very public. One would think that he is trying to distance himself from that with an assistant coaching job in Cleveland, alongside Hue Jackson.

But what does this mean for Cleveland? Would he be an asset to the team, with his history of lack of discipline, shoddy route running, and missing intangibles? My answer is torn.

While I believe that Cleveland needs all the help that it can get, and the young WR corps could stand to learn certain things from a well-known veteran WR, if his personal life follows him to Cleveland, life could get even worse in the Factory of Sadness. Additionally, the football fans in Cleveland are raised and taught to hate Johnson, which could turn fan resentment into fan hatred.

All in all, it remains to be seen as to whether the Cleveland front office will even accept Johnson’s offer to be an assistant coach, but if they do, make sure to keep an eye on the news out of the Dawg Pound, because history has shown us that Chad Johnson is always good for a laugh at his expense.

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