So week 2 is now in the books and you know what we’ve learned? We have learned that 2 weeks of football have been played.

I know it sounds like a flippant answer, but think of it this way, in 2014 after 2 weeks in the 2014 season, the 4 teams who played in the Championship games were a combined 3-5, including the Colts who were, wait for it, 0-2.

Meanwhile, both the Bills and Texans were 2-0 and neither of them even made the post-season. So, as I said, all it means is that two games have been played.

We have learned some things though, like the Eagles and Colts will both be in trouble if their respective O-Lines don’t start playing better, the Cowboys even at 2-0 are in a lot of trouble knowing that Dez Bryant will be out until week 11 and Tony Romo won’t be back until week 10.

So what else have we learned about week 2 specifically, and the season as a whole? Well read on my friend, read on …

0-2 Spells Trouble for Who?

Of the nine teams that sit at 0-2, six of them are in a world of trouble. Seattle, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Chicago, Detroit and New Orleans need to do something or their seasons will go right down the tubes.

The Seahawks have given up 61 points in two games; you think they don’t miss Kam? Thankfully, he came to his senses and ended his holdout Wednesday Add in the fact that Marshawn Lynch is starting to look old and slow, plus the Cardinals and Rams look like the real deal in their division and the Seahawks could be in for a rough season.

The Ravens season took a downturn in Week 1 when Terrell Suggs went down with a season ending Achilles tear. Losing to the Raiders in week 2 proved not only how much they miss Suggs, but how important guys like Torrey Smith really were, as it looks like Steve Smith is the only weapon Joe Flacco has.

The Eagles offensive line is so bad, that last season’s leading rusher and their big free-agent signing Demarco Murray—who left Eagles practice on Wednesday with an apparent hamstring injury—has a total of 11 yards rushing in 2 games.

Let me repeat that, the man who had more rushing yards than anyone else in the game in 2014 has 11 yards on 21 carries this season. Add that to the fact that Sam Bradford has one of lowest yards per completion average in the NFL, and this Eagles team looks like they may be grounded.

The Bears, Lions and Saints may not have had the expectations of the other three teams, but surely they were better than a combined 0-6. For the Bears, the words Jimmy Claussen as starting QB, does not inspire confidence.

Speaking of lack of confidence, did the Saints just really lose to the hapless Tampa Bay Buccaneers at HOME? The Superdome used to be one of the most intimidating venues in the NFL, now the Saints have now lost 6 straight games at the once friendly confines. That’s what you get when you sell the naming rights to Mercedes-Benz, I guess!

Rookies who shined

Matt Jones and Amari Cooper were the first year players who really shined in week 2 (with all apologies to top pick Jameis Winston who did manage his first win, but was hardly stellar in the win).

Jones led the Redskins in rushing with 123 yards and 2 scores as Washington got its first win of the season over the Rams.

As for Cooper, he looked like a man among boys in the Raiders win over the Ravens. Yes, Michael Crabtree posted probably better numbers, but it was Coopers 7 catches for 109 and a 68 yard touchdown that was the talk of the town in the Bay Area after the game.

Failure to Appear

Marshawn Lynch may find himself on the back of a milk carton soon if this keeps up. Beast Mode had just 41 yards rushing on 15 carries in the Seahawks loss in Green Bay. Lynch really needs to pick it up to help make this offense effective. If he can’t run the ball, Russell Wilson’s play action loses a lot of its zing and the Seahawks become a very ordinary team.

At least Lynch was able to muster 41 yards rushing; Lamar Miller had the dyslexic version of it, managing only 14 yards on 10 carries. I will tell you that almost any game the Dolphins play that sees Ryan Tannehill being their leading rusher will mean a loss in South Beach. It doesn’t get any easier for Miller with the Bills in town this week, but he has to be able to get something going if the Dolphins want to avoid a 1-2 start.

Most Damaging injury

Sad to say it, but for the second straight week, it is the Cowboys who find themselves on this list. Week 1 it was Dez Bryant going down; this week they lost Tony Romo to a broken left collarbone that will see him out for about 8 weeks.

The big issue here is that Brandon Weeden, who couldn’t win the Browns starting job, is now the man in Big D. It is so bad for the Cowboys that they just traded for Matt Cassell, another QB who couldn’t win the QB job on a team (Buffalo) that was desperate for a starting QB.

The other significant injury in Week 2 also came from the Cowboys Eagles tilt, as Philly linebacker Kiko Alonso sprained his ACL in the contest. Now it appears he may only miss 2-4 weeks, but he was one of the better defenders on the Eagles front 7.

Other things we learned from Week 2 is that you need to be careful about poking the Bear, isn’t that right Buffalo? The Steelers offense is for real and with LeVeon Bell back this week, it will only get better. Fumbles can cost you your gig, just ask Jeremy Hill. Julio Jones may be the best receiver in the NFL right now. Geno Smith getting whacked in the jaw may be the best thing that happened to the Jets.

Finally, maybe just maybe someone should cover Travis Benjamin. The man has 4 touchdowns this season of 50 yards or more, who needs Josh Gordon?

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