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NFL’s Only Option Is To Ban Adrian Peterson For Life

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With the NFL reeling from the negative publicity from the Ray Rice controversy, Roger Goodell  has a chance to redeem himself, at least for the moment as Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson got indicted Friday on a felony charge for injury to a child.

Minnesota deactivated Peterson for week two and released this statement, “the Vikings are in the process of gathering information regarding the legal situation involving Adrian Peterson. At this time, we will defer further questions to Adrian’s attorney Rusty Hardin.”

It doesn’t look good for Peterson. Reports have indicated that two different doctors who examined his four-year old son, called the injuries “child abuse.” as Peterson used a switch on the child.

The tweet below is from the police report filed by the mother.

Peterson knew his actions were wrong. If he didn’t thought the punishment was appropriate how come he sent text messages trying to prove his point? In one of the message he said “you will be mad at me about his leg.” Another text read “he got about five more pops than normal. He didn’t drop one tear! … He’s tough as nails.

There is nothing wrong with spanking a child, yet Peterson crossed over that line with his actions and needs to face the consequences with the law and the NFL.  So far, the Vikings have done the right thing by deactivating him when the reports of the indictment became available.

As more information has come out including the police report filed by the child’s mother, it became abundantly clear that the Vikings need to terminate their star running back’s contract, and that the NFL and Goodell needs to set an example by banning Peterson for life.

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0 thoughts on “NFL’s Only Option Is To Ban Adrian Peterson For Life

  1. Yes GODDEL should suspend him for life, if you can find GODELL WHERE HAS HE BEEN HIDING THIS WEEK? the NFL should be ashamed of the way they hide behind ” due process” get rid of Goddel hes a joke and all your crimmials. America is tired of this act.

  2. Not when it comes out that there’s a second child that he abused, which can be used at trial and secondly first offense for child abuse there should not be any forgiveness from the league if it happens, you’re banned for life.

    If two strikes and you’re out for abusing a woman, then abusing a child is one and done, no questions asked.

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