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The Brooklyn Nets mortgaged their future championship window for a championship window that’s only going to be 16 months long.

They acquired James Harden for four – count them – FOUR first round picks and four pick swaps. Of course Houston is involved, but somehow Cleveland and Indiana got involved. When the dust and smoke cleared, the Nets organization handed head coach and Hall of Famer Steve Nash about half of a roster to work with.

He knows what he is getting with Kevin Durant. Scoring champ. MVP. Finals MVP. CHAMPION. He knows what he is getting with Kyrie Irving – CHAMPION. Clutch shot maker? And then there’s James Harden. Regular Season champion. Regular season MVP.

Which in essence makes the Brooklyn Nets must see viewing. Not necessarily for their presence on the court, but the soap opera off of it.

In basic terms, KD is KD, Kyrie is MIA, James Harden is regular season. But then the biggest piece of the Nets is out with an injury which is Spencer Dinwiddie. They also have traded Caris Levert, who had a small mass on his kidney – which I believe the Nets knew about – and they also traded Jaret Taylor. Their best defender!

Houston gets Levert and three first round draft picks. Houston then sends LeVert to Indiana for Victor Oladipo. All Brooklyn gets in return is a 2024 second round pick from the Cavaliers. Which leaves the Nets three open spots to fill on their roster if they choose which includes a tax midlevel, the minimum exception, and a disabled player exception.

Can Harden and Durant REALLY co-exist now that they are both STARTING? Can Harden actually play point guard and PASS THE BALL while dropping triple doubles? Who’s going to play defense for this team? How is this team going to slip in the playoffs, let alone do what the NEW JERSEY NETS did in 2002 and 2003. All these questions and yet one big one has yet to be answered…



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