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Ohio State-Michigan. J.T. Barrett suffers an injury, only to be relived by a unknown backup in a win, with Wisconsin next in the B1G Championship game. Surely, lightning can’t strike twice for the Buckeyes, right?

You ever get that creppy deja vu feeling, where things seem so familiar, from something in the past?

If you’re a Buckeyes fan, you can’t help but feel a bit of it after seeing what unfolded in the Big House and all of the major upsets across the country.

Much like in 2014, the ninth-ranked Buckeyes needed a lot of things to fall their way, as such in the present. Thanks to the losses of No.1 Alabama, No.2 Miami and No.8 Notre Dame, Ohio State is in the perfect spot to vault all the way into the top four of the College Football Playoffs.

Also working in Ohio State’s favor is the questionable strength of schedule of 11-1 Alabama, whom played the likes of Mercer, the forementioned Hurricanes playing the defending champions in No.3 Clemson in the ACC title game and red-hot No.6 Auburn playing No.7 Georgia.

For Ohio State, it is simple. Beat undefeated No.5 Wisconsin handily–just like in 2014–with enough flair, substance and leave no room for doubt, as the Buckeyes are–ironically–in the drivers seat to make a return trip to the CFP Playoffs.

Some could argue that a one-loss Alabama deserves to be in, or another two-loss team over Ohio State, but what many are missing is that despite losing to No.4 Oklahoma and Iowa, Ohio State has quality wins over No.10 Penn State, No. 16 Michigan State and most recently Michigan.

This is where strength of schedule–plus playing in the conference title game will only help Ohio State.

For all of the critics who bemoan Ohio State’s supposedly cupcake schedule, if the Buckeyes are playing cupcakes then Alabama faced Reese’s Cup Tech and Pecan Pie College, because for all of their insufferable arrogance, few call out the supposedly all-mighty and invincible top-heavy SEC and their perennially cotton candy soft non-conference schedule.

Alabama will be sitting at home back in Tuscaloosa feeling themselves and their 16 national title trophies, while Ohio State will be playing for its conferences title game.

The Crimson Tide had the 42nd toughest schedule in the country, Ohio State had the 36th. Alabama’s best wins were over a three loss LSU and four-loss Mississippi State teams and two wins over ranked opponents.

Ohio State has a quality loss vs the Sooners at home, Alabama has a “quality win” over a down Florida State team.

So, based on the above, either the CFP selection committee must have some pictures of themselves floating around that they don’t want Saban to use to not allow Ohio State in or on some serious Mary Jane.

Joking aside, Ohio State controls its own destiny now, and despite all of the naysayers saying that a one-loss team such as Bama getting in over a possible two-loss conference champion such as Ohio State is asinine.

All Ohio State has to Sonnie is sit back let the dominos fall where they may on Championship Week, handle the Badgers–2014 style–in Indy and hope for the best.

Now…about that cameraman.

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