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On The Rise: Why Emily Ratajkowski Is A Name That You’ll Never Forget

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Emily Ratajkowski might have a hard-to-pronounce last name, but she is certainly easy on the eyes.

The 5’6, 24-year-old beauty has become one of Hollywood’s newest sensations. But it’s not just her looks that are driving her to stardom, it’s a promising acting career that has just started to take shape.

Ratajkowski(the “j” is silent) first gained critical acclaim as an actress from the Academy Award nominated  film, Gone Girl, where she played Andie Fitzgerald. You might also recognize her role in the 2015 film, Entourage, which featured a myriad of other notable celebrity cameos.

Ratajkowski got her start in the entertainment world as a 14-year-old model. She was first featured on screen during  two episodes of the popular Nickelodeon show, I Carly.

Upon her late teen years, the London, England native decided to attend college at UCLA for fine art, but left the school after one year to focus on modeling full-time. But while being a model was suiting Ratajkowski, her love of acting was too just too great to ignore. Her first notable starring role was playing the female lead in Robin Thicke’s music video for his hit single, Blurred Lines.

She then appeared in the aforementioned Gone Girl, and also made an appearance in the 2015 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Ratajkowski has also graced the covers of both GQ and Cosmo. She surprised many during an interview with Cosmo when the actress stated that she initially turned down the Blurred Lines role because of the risqué nature of the song.

However, as time progresses she began to embrace the part, and now views her inclusion in the video as being feminist. “[I’m] lucky to wear what I want, sleep with who I want, and dance how I want.” Ratajkowski told Cosmopolitan.

Emily Ratajkowski has become one of the entertainment world’s most-talked about celebrities. She is one of the Hollywood’s most beautiful women and a very talented young actress.

It’s not easy to forget Emily Ratajkowski’s appeal, even if it’s hard to remember her name.

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