It is a time-consuming dilemma many professional men face each and everyday before heading into the office.

Aside from picking out a wardrobe and deciding how to properly accessorize the perfect watch, shoes, cologne and shirt, one of the most tedious routines that men deal with is choosing the right tie and how to tie it.

There is the four-in-hand, half-knot, Windsor, Pratt and other knots used in tying a tie, but all of them take up extra time each morning for a lot of office professionals. If you tie a tie too short, it looks like a glorified baby bib. If it is too short, then you risk looking like Homie The Clown from the Martin Lawrence show.

That being said, too much time is wasted by everyday men trying to master the Windsor. Thanks 29-year-old business entrepreneur Brent Bustamante, owner and president of Luxe Neckwear, tying a necktie may never be the same again.

Bustamante, a former U.S. Marine stationed in Afghanistan for eight years, launched Luxe Neckwear after teaching himself how to tie knots on his down time, which would later inspire him to invent the two-piece tie, as stated on his Insta press page,

These knots are going to be the death of me. There has to be an easier way. What if I sew this knot into something permanent so that I never have to tie it again?”

The two-piece tie, which are two separate pieces of fabric with an adjustable knot, allows the wearer the ability to slide the knot to a comfortable and acceptable length. With such a tie, the average Joe Schmo can simply slip on a two-piece tie, slide the knot to an acceptable length and be in and out of the bathroom in two to five minutes, shaving valuable commute time to the office.


In the case of Bustamante and Luxe Neckwear, the introduction of Luxe’s two-piece tie(which start out at $74.95) is overdue and will be deeply appreciated by white and blue-collar types everywhere.

Be sure to check them out here and on Kickstarter here!

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