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Reading this title, you are thinking LeBron James is the best and he owns every other player and record, that’s not what this is about.

This is about LeBron being an owner/manager, and making ultimately the worst call of his career, and in my opinion altering his NBA Finals records for years to come.

The Sports Illustrated released in June 2014 LeBron announced his homecoming and wanted to thank all the players that were there for welcoming him back home, he listed everyone on the team, EXCEPT Andrew Wiggins, the newest rookie on the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Which it was no secret in the NBA world that LeBron wanted Wiggins out to bring in Kevin Love, which this decision alone, set LeBron up for failure in his upcoming Finals against the Golden State Warriors, and I’ll explain why below.

The Andrew Wiggins for Kevin Love was possibly the worst investment LeBron made in his career in building “super teams”. The reason for that is Kevin Love’s stock was falling, trading a player who made one playoff appearance and had some experience for a younger version of that player who can be molded and formed into a faster, better, stronger version of Kevin Love was crazy.

Andrew Wiggins has faired very well since being at the Timberwolves, yet imagine how well he would be doing if he was with Cleveland. Learning from one of the greatest to ever play the game, while earning experience and knowledge by potentially coming off the bench to help LeBron and Kyrie.

Not even mention the fact the Wiggins would still be in his rookie contract, allowing the Cavs to have signed another all star from free agency that year.

Enabling them to succeed in the playoffs and Finals.

Love has not been a major factor for LeBron and the Cavs from the get go, getting hurt in the first year, and doing “ok” in the regular season, yet disappearing in the playoffs and Finals. The Cavs biggest problem going forward is not having enough cap room, and that they are an aging team.

If LeBron would have decided to keep Andrew Wiggins, and allowed the cap space to still be open, LeBron could have possibly beat the Warriors twice, instead of losing twice.

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