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Making The Switch From Free Casino Games To Real Money

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By Rick Slot

The vast majority of players who decide to try themselves out in the online gambling world do that for one particular reason – it’s fun.

That’s why these players usually start with free online games, nothing to pay, nothing to lose; it sounds like a perfect way to kill some time relaxing to your favorite game. But there comes the time when, according to several researches and surveys, about 50% of these players tend to experience the feeling of wanting to know how it is like to play with real money.

And who could blame them?

But before making the decision to switch from free to real money, there is some information one should get himself familiar with. Although free playing can be a good practice and training for playing for prizes, it only gives an insight of what to expect when betting online, and there are many more things to learn!

Free To Play Online Casinos

Some online casinos allow players here to play Zuma for free with no download.

Essentially, that means next: no need for any registration, no need to deposit any money into your account, since you will be provided with credits that are the currency used for placing bets and paying out the prizes.

And also many casinos grant a players with a certain amount of free credits upon joining and provide many ways, besides the game itself for earning extra credits (for example taking surveys or completing some simple tasks) all in favor to keep the bettor playing as long as possible.

So, for those looking for entertainment and enjoyment without any risks of becoming broke, these casinos would be the thing of choice.

Real Money Online Casinos

Real money online casinos offer one a chance to play and possibly win thousands and even millions of dollars.

To do that, first, a player is required to deposit money into his account using one of the accepted payment methods.

This procedure can be a little tiresome. There are a lot of games offered by the casinos, games that require different budget sizes. That’s why it’s important for a player to choose the appropriate game for himself and his financial state.

A lot of real money online casinos also offer some benefits to get one to start playing. A convenient fact to know is that most of those casinos continue with these benefits even when one becomes an already established player (example – VIP promotions). So, just as important as choosing the soothing game for your budget is the choosing of a casino which offers suit you the most.

What You Should Know When Betting for Real

Just in case, here is some basic advice for the beginners in the real money playing mode:

•    Research the web properly in order to choose the appropriate casino for your needs and possibilities, especially look for the ones with active promotions and bonuses, which are usually not offered as a standard option;

•    Distribute your budget properly;

•    Analyze the odds of winning, don’t let those big jackpot offers tempt you to start playing recklessly;

•    Be careful when it comes to fees, inform yourself about whether the casino is charging flat fees, or perhaps the fee is a percentage of your prize;

Advantages of Playing For Free Vs Advantages of Playing For Real Money

Both of these playing modes have their benefits, according to player’s current financial situation, and according to his preferences and what he is looking to get out of his gaming experience.

The main advantage of the free “trial” mode is the fact that one can play the games for free for an unlimited number of times with demo credits. There is no obligation in regards to money deposit and registration, no thinking about whether you are going to lose or win money, no need to develop strategies and plans.

One just has to relax his mind and enjoy the game without any risks involved.

On the other hand, playing for real money brings one the thrill while playing, the thrill of uncertainty whether he is going to score a prize or leave the game empty-handed.

Although there is a solid chance that a gambler can lose some money along the way, there is the other side of that coin – he could also win some, and sometimes those winning prizes are counted in even six figures.

Players as well choose real money online casinos over traditional casinos for many reasons: first, there are some people who simply don’t want to be seen walking into a casino. Plus, virtual casinos are successfully competing with actual casinos thanks to their prizes, bonuses, jackpots, and chances of scoring a payoff.

So, in short, one should choose the free online play in two situations:

  • When the goal of playing is simply having some fun and getting familiar with a new game;
  • When you want to gain experience and training through the demo mode of that particular game;
  • When you want to find the best way to adjust your bet before risking with real money.

Once you feel familiar with the game itself and feel ready to earn some money, it is time to switch to real money play.

And to repeat what has already been written above, before starting the game, you should create as comfortable and soothing atmosphere as you can, to let nothing disrupt his focus. All of these warming up advice can significantly increase the chance of scoring a payout.

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