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Opinion: How To Use The C-Word Without Being One Yourself

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(Editor’s Note: This post may contain language some consider to be inappropriate or uncomfortable.)

Ahhh, the widely-used profanity word that is the c-word cunt! Yup, that’s right I said it, cunt!

In the past few years, “cunt” has evolved from a sexist insult used to describe a woman in a negative manner into an undefined word used loosely in everyday situations. What was once the go-to insult against women, is now as degrading as the words “bitch” or “f–k”. It has also become a favorite word of my own.

“Cunt” has evolved into it’s own adjective with words such as “cunted” and “cuntery” that can be used in a lot of different ways in everyday speak, and in various scenarios as well. It can be used to insult someone, describe someone or something negatively, or you can blurt it out when you stub a toe or forget to turn off the stove. What many girls in their mid-twenties once considered “the worst thing you could say to a girl”, is now just another curse word we use in our everyday life.

One common use for the word is, “Sorry I can’t make it today my boss is being a cunt about me leaving early.” Here it is used to describe someone you feel resentment or anger towards. Another common use of the word would be, “It’s hotter than the devils cunt out there!”

We’re not angry at the weather in this scenario, we are simply using the word to emphasize the significance of the temperature outside.

It may also be a meaningless expression of pain or realization of something you forgot to do, “OWW FUCKING CUNT!” or “Oh cuntsicles, I forgot to put that letter in the mail before we left.” And of course it can still be a direct or indirect insult such as “Don’t be a cunt, just say ok.” or “that dumb cunt is always ruining everything.”

The word “cunt” was originally a slang word used in place of vagina, such as twat, vag, p—y, or hoo-hah. However it was more commonly used in the male population when referring to the female’s private’s themselves, and not the woman it belonged to. “Dude, that’s a hairy fuckin’ cunt right there.” Or “Go wash you stinking ass cunt.” It was rare to hear the word used positively, thus making it come off as offensive to most women.

Now women are very insecure when it comes to our bodies, and our vaginas are a very sensitive subject to discuss openly with another woman let alone a man at that. Soon, women realized the word was used as a slang term to negatively describe a part of our body we were already extremely sensitive about without any of these pressures put on us by men.

Thus, transforming the word “cunt” into a cruel and strongly despised insult against women.

Now years later, women have become less soft-spoken and sensitive to words and the meanings behind them. Women are more confident in themselves and less dependent on men for approval and reassurance. We are independent, self-sufficient, and have come into our own. We don’t have to live up to any expectations set by society anymore, we can be ourselves and feel confident in doing so.

Some of us work hard jobs, some live alone, we change our own tires and express our own opinions.

Sometimes we curse and yell, other times we’re gentle and calm. We took a word that repressed us in our younger years and made it our own. We changed its meaning and the way it is used and made it a word both men and women use in everyday situations and conversations.

So there it is folks, all you can possibly learn, and the many uses of the big bad c-word!

Thanks for reading! Now get your cunt ass outta here till next time!

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