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Opinion/Editorial: Are All The Sports Heroes Gone?

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Where have all the Heroes gone? The Tom Brady “Deflategate” scandal is just another in a long line of our vaunted sports Heroes letting us down.

Each sport has several of their top performers in the history of sports, tarnished in someway.

Two of the top home run kings in baseball will forever be linked to steroids. Alex Rodriguez hit his 661rst home run earlier this week, moving ahead of Hall of Famer Willie Mays.

Normally a feat like this would come with much fan fare, this however came with great shame as Rodriguez has been busted from taking steroids several times, including missing the entire 2014 MLB season.

There is no bigger outcast in the steroid scandal then Home run king Barry Bonds who holds the all time record for most career home runs. It is a feat that few people believe will ever be broken, including his 73 home runs in a season that seems impossible to be beaten.

Despite him never being caught taking steroids, his named is linked to so many scandals along with BALCO, that his legacy is forever tarnished.

The fact that the all-time home run king will never reach the Hall of Fame may be shocking, if it wasn’t already for the all-time hit king, Pete Rose, also being banned from the Hall of Fame.

Unlike Bonds, who’s ban is strictly public opinion, Rose is officially banned because of betting on the game. A lie he carried for many years until finally admitting to it years ago. Rose is one of the greatest figures in sports history, but will forever be remembered for the scandal.

The Tom Brady debacle is just another reminder, that even those who seem the squeakiest of clean, may just have some skeletons in the closet as well. In the last seven years, the Patriots franchise has been busted for spying on other teams, and even had a tight end get arrested, charged and sentenced to life for homicide.

The Patriots are the greatest NFL franchise of the 21st century and instead of basking in the glory, they are hiding from the shadows. Perhaps the Spurs of the NBA are the last true “good guy” team out there.

Or maybe, we need to look away from team sports and focus on MMA and Boxing. Sure, that’s the ticket right? Wrong!

The greatest MMA fighter alive Jon Bones Jones just got busted and suspended for hitting and running on a pregnant lady, fresh off his failed drug test for cocaine. He has now been stripped of the belt.

As for boxing, despite this reporter’s love for him, their best athlete Floyd Money Mayweather is universally hated for his loud mouth, love of money and domestic abuse arrests.

The world will always have heroes’ in their police officers, fireman, paramedics and military men. But for the sports world, the pickings are starting to get very slim.

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