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Orlando Shooting: Donald Trump Using Islamophobia To Gain More Followers

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Shortly after the horrific attack by Omar Mateen against The Pulse Nightclub which is a venue for the LGBTQ community in Orlando, Donald Trump immediately went into a tirade about Muslims living in America and immigrants.  This tirade cast all Muslims as potential subjects as well as terrorists and was meant to cast an us versus them in American society.

The attack which took place at The Pulse Nightclub in Orlando resulted in the deaths of 49 people with another 54 being injured.  There are still a number of survivors that are in critical condition and we pray for their recovery.  Donald Trump took this opportunity to add to his campaign of hate which has further isolated American Muslims from the mainstream, and made Muslims fearful to go out.

Donald Trump said, “American Muslims knew that this attack was coming we all as other attacks”.  He then told the crowd that the Muslims moving into America want to have their children playing with your children and that having their children playing with yours you will feel like Islam is okay, it is safe”.  Donald also said that Muslims, “Do not work with local and federal law enforcement agencies to say who the bad Muslims are”.

I am a Muslim and I can tell you that I have been to mosques that have given us fliers that speak about the terrorists and what to look for.  These fliers tell us what to look for and if we suspect terrorist activity that we should could contact our local and federal authorities.  Imams of mosques throughout the county meet with local law enforcement and the FBI on a regular basis in order to discuss potential problems within the community.  This is common knowledge throughout the American Muslim community but not with the mainstream.

The Donald went on to blame immigration and the lack of performing background checks to vet these would be terrorists but it not saying that Omar Mateen was born in a hospital in New York not far from Trump.  Omar Mateen was born in the United States, he was not an immigrant.

Omar Mateen’s parents were immigrants from Afghanistan.  I am sure that there was some cultural adjustments that had to be made here.  Thanks to recent reports that have surfaced stated that Omar Mateen was gay-bisexual and had a Puerto Rican gay lover—who would later reject him and disclose that he was HIV positive—Matten had difficulty dealing with his homosexuality especially within a family and religion that had no tolerance for homosexuality.

It is true that Islam forbids homosexuality, however, in light of scientific evidence that people are born that way, the attitudes of Muslims towards homosexuals has changed.  In countries such as Tunisia, homosexuals are seen as being born with a genetic defect so the people feel bad for them because they will not be able to have children or a family.

This is something that is seen as important in a traditional society.  There are still countries that execute homosexuals such as Saudi and Iran, but by and large this is seen as extreme and not the norm.

Any Muslim that follows Islam should treat any person from the LGBTQ community with respect.  They are our fellow human beings.  We do not know their life or why they are the way that they are. There is not one of us that is without sin and we all have something bad that we do.  Also LGBTQ do many things to contribute to society and be a part of society.

If we want to be accepted in a pluralistic society, then we should accept them all.

Omar Mateen’s family had difficulty accepting his lifestyle and so it seems that he lashed out at people who could be open.  There are also rumors that he was dating a man who was HIV positive so after his second sexual encounter he became HIV positive himself.

I read this from a news source online and I am looking to confirm it.

Donald Trump said that Omar Mateen was a devout Muslim.  Muslims believe that if you drink alcohol; make money from alcohol; or have anything to do with alcohol, that your sins are not accepted for 40 days and you will go straight to the hellfire upon our death.  Omar Mateen was seen going to these clubs and getting drunk frequently.

He was often getting kicked out because of his belligerence.

Evangelical preacher Franklin Graham has since taken Donald Trump’s bigoted stance and expounded upon it.  He said that all Muslims, regardless if they were born in the United States or not, should be deported.  He said that all Muslims might be terrorists because our teachings are inherently violent.

Graham goes on to say that Islam is not a religion but a political system so we are not protected under the First Amendment.  He also wants to create an Amendment making Christianity the official religion of the United States completely taken away other religious followers right to free worship.

We should not let these divisive tactics work.  We should not allow these powers-that-be to turn the American people against each other.  We must understand that there is truth to that old but wise, “United we stand, divided we fall”.  We must remember what is on the dollar bill ‘E. Pluribus Unum – Out of many, one’.

We are stronger as a country by our multi-culturalism.

We cannot allow this disease of pluralism, or ultra-nationalism destroy our nation. The path that the Donald and Evangelical leaders wants to take American down is dangerous and will lead to its destruction.  If America falls, so too shall the world go.

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