Most women will find they gain weight during their pregnancy and most of this weight tends to accumulate around the stomach area. Even if this weight is lost fairly quickly after the baby is born then the stomach area can still appear bloated. The four tips shared below can help you tone up this area and get back to your pre-baby shape quickly. These exercises will also be useful for anyone that feels that they would like to lose some fat from around their stomach.

Basic Crunches
The best exercises to start with after having a baby is basic crunches. These exercises may also help you strengthen your pelvic muscles which sometimes become weakened after childbirth. Lie with your back flat on the floor with your knees bent and feet also flat. Tighten your abs and then slowly tilt your pelvis in the direction of your head. Even though this may not feel like it is making much difference, it is getting your muscles used to working again and is a good starting point for more difficult exercises.

If you have been doing basic crunches for a while and feel you are ready for a more challenging workout then simple sit ups can be the next step. Lie flat on your back with your feet flat on the floor. Place your hands behind your head to support your neck. Breathe in and pull in your abs before raising your shoulders and head off the floor. As you lower yourself back down again, breathe out and relax.

Add Variety To Your Workout
In order to successfully lose all the fat and even cellulite around your stomach naturally, you will need to exercise a number of different muscle groups. When you have been exercising again for a while you will probably feel ready to start incorporating some different exercises into your routine. When performing sit ups, reaching across the body with one hand to touch the opposite knee will work the oblique muscles which do not get so much of a workout with sit ups and basic crunches. You can add difficulty to sit ups by raising your legs off the floor when you lift your shoulders. In order for exercises to remain effective you will need to make them more difficult or perform them at a higher intensity as if the muscles are not challenged you will get the benefits from the exercise that you are looking for.

You can include your baby in the pregnancy workouts and when the weight of the baby is added then this will add intensity. A good exercise to carry out with your baby is to lift them above your head when you are laying flat on the fall. Hold the baby in both hands and lay them on your chest. As you breathe in, raise them above your head and pull in your abs. As you breathe out, relax and pull the baby back towards you. As the baby grows this exercise will become more difficult which means that it will continue to be effective.

Use An Exercise Ball
Your workouts can be made more challenging by using an exercise ball as even though you are exercising the same muscle groups, the need to remain balanced on the ball can make the exercises seem more difficult. If you do find it difficult to balance on the ball to perform the crunches then you may be able to use the ball to support your legs while you are doing sit ups. Lie flat on your back with your legs resting on the ball and then lift your head and shoulders off the floor in the same way as you would when performing normal sit ups.

Losing weight may not be enough to get rid of the tummy that you may find yourself with after you have had a baby. These exercises specifically target the abdominal area and can help you tone up and look slimmer. Not only can this improve your confidence in your appearance but not having a lot of fat around your stomach also has a number of health benefits. Your circulation will be improved and you are less likely to suffer from back problems that some women encounter after pregnancy. You can opt for the cardio exercises to lose your post baby tummy faster.

The important thing to remember when exercising after having a baby is not to push yourself to hard and only do the exercises that you feel comfortable with. This will help you to achieve post baby weight loss successfully.

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