Kid’s birthday parties happen to parents once a year, and even more often, we’ve multiple kids. And, while we all want to enjoy and celebrate our child’s birthdays and make them as happy as possible, party planning and deep research can be expensive, exhausting, and sometimes highly confusing.

Here we have put together a list of the best parks to consider for your kid’s big day in Broward Country, FL. We have even organized them by category to make it simpler to narrow down your option to enjoy!

Oak Grove Park 

In Mar 2019, this park officially opened the new Father Gerard Jean-Juste community center. The park introduced a pool, kid’s birthday venue, and indoor gym. Even before it was introduced, Oak Grove included walkways, tennis courts, a soccer field, and a grand lake that’s home to many friendly ducks. This park is a must for a birthday event if you’re a lover of nature and arts.

Amelia Earhart Park

Just by its name, it’s evident that Amelia Earhart Park has a vibrant history. This Miami-Dade charm was originally an undeveloped area of the old Naval Air Station in Miami, Florida. Now it provides:

  • Five lakes.
  • Pony rides.
  • A farm with a petting zoo.
  • An area for a birthday celebration.
  • Mountain bike trails.

There’re also plenty of areas where you can enjoy BBQ and enjoy quality time during your celebration with family and friends.

Ilene Lieberman Botanical Gardens

From luscious, expensive green gold courses to stunning eye-catching and a nature-friendly place to celebrate your child’s big day, Ilene Lieberman Botanical Park provides spaces for your parties and a running path that takes you right over beautiful lakes.

Veterans’ Park

This is the perfect venue to celebrate your kid’s birthday party, where you can enjoy bike rides and boats. Even more interesting about this part is that you can grab nature treats for you and your kids. You and your kid’s indeed enjoyed the stay and celebrate your big day at Veteran’s Park.

C.B. Smith Park 

This park is located in Broward County, FL, and is a fine place to celebrate birthday parties and see South FL. This park is one of the city’s most diverse parks and was voted for Favorite Park in Broward County. In addition to the exciting fun water available, this park has several activities. Mini golf, kid’s playgrounds, batting cages, bike rentals, party character rentals, and many more. Cannot get enough? Pitch a tent and camp there at their well-known playground for your specific event.

Enchanted Forest Elaine Gordon Park 

If you want to celebrate your kid’s birthday party in a calm and peaceful environment, then this is the part for you. This gorgeous park features a butterfly garden walking trail, a natural center, a kid’s playground, covered shelters, and open areas to read and enjoy the wonderful sound of nature.



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