Children love to play and that is why giving them toys as gifts will instantly make them happy. There are many toys for children in the market today. However, as a giver, you have the responsibility to give them age-appropriate toys as different age groups have different levels of skills, interest, and maturity.

If you are about to go gift shopping for 10-year-old boys and girls, let this article help you. We have rounded up the best Christmas gifts for 10-year-olds that will surely make kids jump for joy.

For 10-year-old boys

1. RipStik Ripster Caster Board

Surprise your kid with this skateboard, which is easy to use. He could do amazing tricks with this skateboard. The compact size is best for a 10-year-old boy. It is lightweight and made from high-tech polymer that has a removable deck plate and steel torsion bar for maximum performance.

2. Gloween Air Power Soccer Disc

The Gloween Air Power Soccer Disc would indeed excite your boy. It is a lightweight disc that is designed to hover in the air by kicking. What we love with this toy is that it glows during nighttime. Your kid will have fun kicking this hover ball toy. He can bring this toy anywhere so he can play with his friends, such as in the park or just in your backyard.

3. Swiftion Rechargeable Kids Walkie-Talkies

If you want your young boy to improve their communication skills while playing, then, you may give him Swiftion walkie-talkies. They are perfect choices for little explorers as they can use these everywhere they go. It has a communication range of up to 9000 feet.

4. Construction Engineering Building Set

To nurture the creativity and brain of your young boy, give him a construction engineering building set. Building structures is super fun, particularly for boys. He could construct whatever he likes, such as airplanes, tractors, trucks, and cars. You can also play with your kid to have bonding time and to have an opportunity to teach him collaboration and teamwork.

For 10-year-old girls

1. Rylai Wooden Handmade Dollhouse Miniature DIY Kit

Most girls love dollhouses. For this reason, the Rylai Wooden Handmade Dollhouse is a perfect gift for her this Christmas. One good thing about this dollhouse is she can customize it the way she likes. It enhances her creativity and hand-eye coordination. Also, the kit is composed of nontoxic parts, so you assured that it is perfectly safe for playing.

2. Klutz Make Your Own Soap Science Kit

Making soap that your little can use or give is a fun learning activity. Soap making is like doing a science experiment in the lab. She will be introduced to the basics of chemistry without her knowing it. She can make soaps in various colors and shapes; hence, this soap can enhance her creativity, too.

3. Do-it-Yourself Wear Friends 4 Ever Jewelry by ALEX Toys

Some girls like to create bracelets and give them to their girlfriends. Why not surprise your young girl with this DIY Wear Friends 4 Ever Jewelry. This kit contains four color-coded looms, 22 colors of embroidery floss, beads, a beading needle, and an instruction booklet. Your little creative genius can even make bracelets with her friends over the weekend or during a sleepover. Hence, this toy can improve your daughter’s social skills.

4. Crayola Light-Up Tracing Pad

Stimulate the artistic side of your young girl with a Crayola Light-Up Tracing Pad. It contains 12 colored pencils, 10 tracing sheets, a graphite pencil, and 10 blank sheets, among others. It comes with bright LED lights that provide an even tracing surface. Your girl will surely enjoy this toy as she can trace and draw easily with this kit.

Ten-year-olds are in a special stage in their life. Besides having fun, they also love to learn many things and acquire some skills. Indeed, they will feel your love and appreciation as you give them these gifts for Christmas.

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