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Party Moms: It’s Time to Grow Up!

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Party moms; we all know one. You know, the mom that forgets she’s a mom. The one who unlike most, didn’t change her priorities when she entered motherhood. The mom who plasters social media with pictures of her partying with her friends. Will she ever grow up?

Sometimes, these party moms are also the ones encouraging and contributing to underage drinking, especially if her “squad” consists of teenagers. These behaviors are not only irresponsible and reckless; they are illegal and dangerous. Adolescents who engage in underage drinking are at a much higher risk of developing chemical dependency and other related health issues in adulthood. Who wants to contribute to that?

Don’t get me wrong, developing and maintaining friendships is important, but if your “friendship goals” consist of keg-stands and all-nighters, perhaps it’s time for new friends. Or, better yet, new goals—like mom goals.

Why would adults choose to hang out with teenagers anyway? With at least a decade in age difference, what can they possibly have in common? Perhaps it makes them feel important or needed.

Our children watch our every move. They learn from us and mimic our behaviors—good and bad. We need to be modeling the behaviors we wish to see in our children, teaching them the value of family and the importance of meaningful relationships. We need to show them the dinner table isn’t just for beer pong.

It’s the weekend, where’s mom? For working moms with school-age children, the weekends are prime for quality family time and making memories. It’s the perfect time for that picnic in the park or trip to the zoo. What does it say to your child if once the weekend comes, they are dropped off with grandma or whoever else is available so mom can go party like a rockstar? Indirectly, you are telling your child that time spent partying with friends overrides spending time with them. You are telling them they don’t come first.

Of course, every mom needs an occasional night out, but the line has to be drawn somewhere. Dinner and a drink with friends—who are old enough to drink—shouldn’t result in mom stumbling through the door the next day. We’ve all had our party days, but at some point, those days should end.

Our children are a gift and should be celebrated, but when you take a child’s milestone event and use it as an excuse to invite your friends over to party, you have then taken the focus off of them. It is no longer about them or their accomplishment; it’s about you. The years we have with our children are precious and gone before we know it. Make those years memorable in a positive way. Make them count. Make those years about them.

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