There are three ways you can properly and safely whiten your teeth. Before making the decision that is best for you, make sure that you are a teeth whitening candidate. Find out if you are a candidate for teeth whitening in Jupiter, which entails asking your dentist or dental hygienist about what option can help you achieve a brighter smile. It is always a better idea to have your teeth professionally cleaned before you whiten your teeth. If you get routine cleanings every six months, there is no need to get an extra cleaning. However, if you have not had a professional dental cleaning and exam in a while, you need to do that before considering whitening. Cleaning your teeth is a great way to start your whitening process because it allows the product to effectively whiten your teeth.

The following whitening options will achieve the same result. However, there are pros and cons to each option. Therefore, always talk to your dental provider before you consider whitening. Here are some teeth whitening options to consider:

  1. Whitening strips.

They contain smaller amounts of peroxide, which means the results are not immediate but you should still achieve professional results. If you have a week or two, or even a month, then try whitening strips. They are affordable and you are responsible for how often you apply whitening stripes which can help avoid sensitivity.

  1. Custom trays.

To use a custom tray for at-home whitening, you would first get an impression taken at your dental office.

Most of the time, it’s alginate impressions which consist of a powder that when mixed with water creates a moldable gel. However, it can vary depending on the type of impression. Regardless, they are custom fabricated. Therefore, they look like clear aligners and they fit perfectly to your dentition.

When taken care of, these molds can last for years. Whenever you want to whiten your teeth, you must purchase the whitening product to go into them. The whitening product is usually available to purchase at your dental office and is moderately priced. If you are interested, ask what they have, and depending on the type of product they offer, they will let you know the amount of peroxide and how long it will take to achieve the results you want. It can be anywhere from a couple of weeks to a month.

Cons of whitening trays

  • Price: They can be more expensive than whitening strips found over the counter.
  • Convenience: Trays must be made through your dental provider. It may take time to acquire, mold, and receive your custom tray.
  • Fitting: Custom trays are permanent molds for your teeth. If your teeth shift or alter in any way, you need to have your dental trays fitted and fabricated by a dental professional.

Pros of custom whitening trays

  • Sensitivity: Custom trays are the whitening method least reported for causing sensitivity.
  • Perfect fit: Molds are made to fit your teeth perfectly and it is less likely that the whitening product will touch your gums.
  • Customizable: Just like strips, you can make your routine at home and take them on and off as needed.
  1. In-office whitening

Getting a professional cleaning by your dental hygienist will be the quickest way for a brighter smile. You will be in and out in one dental appointment, sometimes two, depending on the treatment and condition of your smile. One session can take 30 to 90 minutes which makes the process quicker. However, the cons are that this is the most expensive option, and it commonly has the most sensitivity upon use.

In-office whitening solutions are much stronger than at-home products because they work fast. In addition, heat light can also be applied to intensify and brighten more than the outer layer of your enamel during your whitening process.

Talk with a dentist at SEDA Dental before you make a teeth whitening decision. Your dentist can help guide you in the right direction and let you know the best option for your smile.




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