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Peyton Manning: QB Sets New Passing TD Record, Adds To His Own Greatness

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(October 18, 2014 - Source: Justin Edmonds/Getty Images North America)
(October 18, 2014 – Source: Justin Edmonds/Getty Images North America)

This writer has been a longtime Indianapolis Colts fan, and even I was skeptical as to whether they had made the right choice by taking Peyton Manning over Ryan Leaf with the #1 pick in 1998.

Despite a 3-13 season his rookie year, he began to instill hope in the Indianapolis faithful by breaking many rookie passing records.

(October 18, 2014 – Source: Justin Edmonds/Getty Images North America)

Suffice to say that by 2010, Manning was considered a god among men in Indianapolis. He had delivered our team, that some had dubbed the Indianapolis “Dolts” from their losing and inconsistent ways. The Colts were nearly perennial fixtures in the AFC playoff picture. There was that on year, you know which one I’m talking about.

The Jim Mora meltdown “playoffs???” year, most of us Colts fans would like to believe , like the 2011 season, that it didn’t happen.

2011…it was a year many Colts fans wish we could erase from the record books. Peyton was out after having neck surgery and we had only hapless replacements  trying to right a sinking ship.

Nobody knew whether he’d make it back onto a roster anywhere, or if he’d return to form if he was picked up.

Somebody did decide to take a chance on an unsure bet, and let’s just say The Broncos have come out smiling like a tout that hit the long-shot at the track. Over the last two and a half seasons, Manning has shown the world that he is indeed back, and at nothing less than a blistering pace.

Last night against the San Francisco 49ers, Manning set one more milestone in an already legendary career.

Manning hit Demaryius Thomas in the right side of the end-zone in the second quarter of the game; Thomas secured the ball then planted his left foot and dragged his right toe while going out-of-bounds.

With the referee signaling touchdown, Manning had just dethroned Brett Favre as the all-time record holder for passing touchdowns with 509 on his still quite active career. But much like his career wasn’t over in 2011, Peyton wasn’t done building on his total and hit Thomas again on a 40-yard strike.

If anything, Peyton’s continued high level of performance should be an indicator that you can’t keep a good man down.

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