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PGA: Despite His Absence, Tiger Woods Is Still King

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Just because you say it doesn’t mean that it will actually happen. The world is so fast to cast Tiger Woods aside that they are willing to bet the house on a few up and coming players because they have avoided traffic and moved into the HOV Lane. Not so fast.

Many have tried and failed. Started with a spark and now they’re just garbage. Who’s to say they won’t end up like the rest or end up like the King?

Golf is a tough sport. It’s not like basketball where you can be down by 15 points with 10 minutes left, play some tight defense and you’re back in the game. This is a solo sport where everything must go right or your score can easily go left. Luck plays a huge part as you have to fight the outside elements, have a focused approach, know your body and strength like no other sport in the world. But the main obstacle you must overcome is yourself.

The world is much different than when Sam Sneed or Jack Nicklaus ran the Tour. All they had to worry about was the playing field and the crowd, today’s players have a world of hate coming their way in terms on the field, larger venues, sponsors and social media.

Woods has been the King since he came on the scene, fighting off race issues, media, fans and expectations. Now we have Rory Mcllroy and Jordan Spieth that supposedly pose the biggest threat to unseat Woods as King. Remind you we have been here before with Bubba Watson, Vijay Singh and Phil Mickelson, like I said many have tried and failed. But what makes this more interesting is that Woods has been unofficially off the scene for the past 2 years as he deals with personal and injury related issues.

But no one can claim that throne, why? The bar was set too high by the King.

By the time his tight grip on the sport was loosened he already had won 14 majors, not 3 or 4 but 14. As it stands now he has 75+ tournaments wins and still have another 10 years until he can settle into the Senior Tour and most likely dominate over there and can add to his legacy. Who’s to say that 5 more Majors are out of the question? At times it’s not about his current state of victories but Woods has a hold on golf that may never be broken. Players are still asked when he is coming back, every tournament is waiting his official arrival and these players must know in the back of their minds thy are on borrowed time.

As for the new breed of players in today’s game, the young guns have a ton of ground to make up. There is a chance either could do it but as Mcllroy is now experiencing when you win the pressure to maintain that spot can be a bit intimidating. Mcllroy has won 4 majors and 11 PGA Tour tournaments. He has a shot but can he handle the pressure, not only of trying to be the world’s best, but the pressure of being better than Woods?

Spieth is the new IT man in golf. At the young age of 22 he already has 8 Tour victories under his belt, including 2 Majors. He is currently ranked #2 in the world, the same as the other two  mentioned once was but how long can he remain on or near the top? Does he have enough power, drive and mental focus to fend off the challengers, most notably Mcllroy? 2015 was his year as he took home wins at the Masters and U.S. Open. Two majors are still a long way from Mcllroy’s 4 and a great distance away from Woods 14, but there is still a shot.

“There is only one life, one love, so there can only be one King”

The Message: Nas

But the young guys must make their move while they can. The King is on his way back to reclaim his throne.

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