Every time when people talk about action cameras, then it must be GoPro that comes into mind as its very first name. There is no doubt to say that GoPro has become the first choice of all adventure sports lovers due to its unbelievable features.

There are so many brands that are producing cameras with all progressive technologies and embed their devices with all the latest features but still, people trust in the service and magnificence of GoPro and always keep it on the top of their choice.

There is no denying that when it comes to action cameras, GoPro is most filmmakers’ device of choice. The cameras are renowned for their superior image quality, incredibly portable design, and plenty of features that help you capture that perfect shot. But what is the best GoPro Alternative?

In this post we will talk about the five best cameras like GoPro but cheaper. These alternatives are solid – great feature sets and solidly reviewed by hundreds (even thousands) of actual users.

With the recent release of GoPro newest camera, many people are interested in finding out what other options there are for similar cameras. The new GoPro Hero is expensive and doesn’t have much to offer that the previous models don’t already have.

There are many good quality-to-price ratio alternatives to the GoPro that have features like voice control, Wi-Fi, and image stabilization. Options like this make them excellent alternatives for action cam users who want a lot more than just HD video capability.

In some cases, you might find the GoPro features don’t quite hit the spot, and you need something a little more oriented to your needs. Thankfully there are sufficient of other fantastic alternatives out there for you to choose from.

Today we are going to explore the very best GoPro alternatives, ensuring you have all the information you need to make the choice that is best for you.

Let’s go!

1) Akaso V50 Pro Action Camera

Akaso V50 Pro: This is without a doubt, the best camera in the GoPro alternative category. It comes fully equipped – with some settings even better than the newest GoPro.

The image stabilization is extremely good. This camera is better than many of the previous GoPro models – just the image stabilization makes it on par with the Hero7 Black.

The Akaso V50 Pro Features:

·        4K/30fps

·        20MP Photos

·        170 Degree Lens

·        One

·        2” LCD Touch Screen

·        MicroSD Card Up to 64GB

·        Voice Remote & Built in Wi-Fi

·        Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS)

·        External Mic Support

·        Panasonic 34112 Sensor & iCatch V50 Chipset

·        Ships with 2 Batteries (1100mAH), Dual Charger, Water-Proof Housing, Remote Control, 20+ Mount & Accessories

The primary differences include a tripod mount (in-camera), higher resolution photos (20MP) and it ships with a ton of accessories.

Out of the action cameras that are GoPro competitors, this is the best one. It can be a little hard to sort out all the specs on the Akaso V50 – especially if you didn’t realize that there are actually multiple models with almost identical specs.

2)  Campark 4K Action Camera

Another name in the action camera industry is Campark. Although the company become infamous at the beginning for faulty devices and not being manufactured to excellent quality, this brings us to one of their latest models; the 4K action cam. Just like the GoPro. The Campark camera shoots in full 4K at 30 fps and can capture photos at 16MP.

What’s more, the lens comes with an integrated Sony sensor, ensuring the device handles the light most professionally and effectively.

The device boasts a lens of 170” for ultimate wide-angle shots and has waterproof housing up to 98 ft.; which is ideal for capturing detailed, crystal-clear underwater shots.

·        4K30 fps Video Recording with 16MP still Images

·        Waterproof up to 98 ft.

·        Impressive 170” Wide Angle Lens

·        One of the most Affordable Action Cameras Available Today



3) Garmin Virb Ultra 30

If you are looking for a cheap action camera, then we suggest you go with Garmin Virb Ultra 30. This Camera unit is compared to GoPro in terms of photo and video quality. It is much easier to use due to the touchscreen LCD feature and you can also control it with mobile applications. One additional feature is voice-command-based control but they are not as good as GoPro Hero5. If you are a data-obsessed type of thrill lover, then Virb Ultra 30 is the best option for you due to its advanced overly fitness matrices. They claim it is a waterproof action camera.

4) Fitfort 4K Action Camera

You can also choose the feature-packed Fitfort Action Camera as the alternative of GoPro. If you are looking for an action camera that pulls out all the stops while remaining suitable for every kind of budget imaginable, it doesn’t get much better than this.

And it is compatible with a dedicated Android and iOS app. This means you will be able to capture all your shots from a distance remotely or manage your content without needing access to a computer.

It is easy to see why this is one of the most popular of all GoPro alternatives.


·     4K Video at 3fps, 16MP Image, and 170” Wide Angle Lens

·     Free iOS and Android and XVA app

·     Complete wireless technology Built into the device

·     Waterproof to an IP68 Rating

·     Comes with Two Rechargeable Batteries


5) Sony FDR X1000V

There is no doubt that Sony is one of the leaders of the camera industry and the technology used in Sony cameras is used in models and devices across the industry.

With this thought, it should come as no surprise that Sony FDR X100V Action Camera is one of the best. While the price is slightly higher than your typical GoPro model, this camera goes above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to features and overall performance.

Of course, the camera records in full 4K resolution, but also in 240p for ultimate slow–motion capabilities while retaining its HD quality.

What’s more, this device is compatible with the dedicated Sony app (compatible with all major devices & operating systems) which allows you to control up to five individuals at the same time, giving you full control over your filming experience.

·        Complete 4K60fps with a 170” wide-angle Lens

·        Built-in 240p HD Slow-Motion recording as standard

·        Sony’s leading steady shot & Image Stabilization Technology

·        Live Stream Wirelessly using Built-in Technology

·        Automatic Highlight Reels created within the Camera


The simple fact is there are a vast number of action cameras out there, of all shapes and sizes. We have listed above the best alternatives for GoPro. Hopefully, this will help you to choose your desired and the cheapest one that will fit your own budget and with the best features similar to GoPros.




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