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It is nerve-racking just to plan a surprise trip with your partner. Picking a destination, time of the trip, how to travel, what to carry, and there are so many questions you need to answer. And that too, without consulting your partner. But it doesn’t have to be as scary as it sounds. Here are a few tips if you are planning a surprise trip with your partner.


The first and the most important part of planning a surprise is deciding a destination. If you know someplace where your partner would give anything to go to, plan the trip there. Knowing a destination makes it easier to plan the trip.

Or, you can set your destination to someplace where you know both of you will have fun, like Oakville. Your choice of a destination will also depend on what are you planning to do, whether you want to relax or you are planning an adventure trip. Oakville is a place where you can do a little of both.

Stay clear of shared cards

If you are planning a surprise trip, you wouldn’t want your partner to get the hint. So, when you are making the bookings for your stay and transportation. Talking about transportation, you can rent an Oakville Limo for your trip in Oakville to take you anywhere you want to go, right from picking you up from the airport to dropping you back.

So, back to the bookings, you need to use your own cards to keep everything a surprise or your partner will know what exactly you are planning. It will not be a surprise then.


It is also vital that you plan the trip at the right time. Make sure your partner is having off days at the time. Otherwise, you might have to cancel the whole thing. You can also plan a weekend getaway if you are not sure whether your partner has any upcoming free days. Even if you are planning it on the weekends, make sure they are free and don’t have prior and important engagements on that date.


Of course, you can’t forget or ignore the budget. It can get expensive, the surprise trip, depending on where you are planning to go. Oakville just might fit your budget since it is a small town but there is so much you can do there. If you are running tight on the budget, you can take a trip within the country because we are sure there might be so many places you haven’t seen yet. Remember, the whole point of planning the trip is to spend some quality time together.

Plan The Activities

Now that you have everything sorted from the budget to the destination and you have made all the necessary bookings, its time to curate an itinerary. Oakville has so many things to do, you might want to decide when you want to go trekking or water sporting and when you will just stroll the streets, go shopping or relax at a spa. There are many beautiful places where you can just stare at mother nature and do nothing, like waterfalls and parks. Plan your every day of the trip accordingly. You can alternate between a day of exhaustion with thrill and a day of relaxation and fun.

You see, planning a surprise trip with your partner is not that scary a job. All you have to do is plan carefully and keep it as much to yourself as you can. There is a risk of your partner getting a hint about your surprise if you let a lot of people in into your plan.

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