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Polarization of the Hard Left: The Truth on Black Lives Matter

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Editor’s note: The following article does not represent the views of the Inscriber Magazine and is solely the opinion of Liberty Lad.

Under the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and the founding principles of the United States, our nation is the most tolerant one on Earth with equality under natural laws. Before the progressive movement started by Teddy Roosevelt, boosted by Woodrow Wilson and firmly established into society by FDR and LBJ, America was a nation where the population stood in relative solidarity. That population stood in relative solidarity of advancing “Americanism”, the timeless foundation upon which the nation was built. Before the radical ideologies of the Socialist left, made famous and put into effect by modern Presidents such as Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama, the American population embraced the ideals of liberty and the individual responsibilities.

The conservative believes that while our nation isn’t perfect, and will never be perfect, the structure of society relies on the individual to believe in the same, undeniable cause while constantly attempting to perfect oneself through the gift of capitalism and fidelity to the Constitution. While Christian values promote love, tolerance, and color blindness while judging individuals as we are all created in God’s image, there are many that have utmost animosity for the social contract and are willing to go out of their way to smear and slowly chip away at racial relations in America today.

Colin Kaepernick, the second-class quarterback for the Las Vegas 49ers, was able to make the final cut for his team and can’t find a way to put the national spotlight on him except to attack the Old Glory. While the First Amendment is enshrined in the Constitution, the point of the issue is that his actions are beyond hypocritical and betray his very own heritage. While refusing to stand up and show respect to the National Anthem, Kaepernick ignorantly insults the millions of Americans who shed blood, tears and sacrificed their lives so that the American people can be free.

These patriots fought in the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, the Two World Wars and in the War on Terror. The men and women who gave their lives so that Americans can enjoy their Constitutional liberties are immortalized in the stars and stripes. The national anthem is a song of a fighting population that refuses to give in to tyranny. The national anthem is played at sporting events all across the country as a reminder that tolerance, hope, and faith to America are instrumental to the life we lead today. Without the past sacrifices and fight for liberty, America would not be the shining city on a hill it is today.

This nation is unique as it is the easily the most inclusive on Earth. Nowhere on Earth can minorities and people of color succeed as thoroughly and indiscriminately as those in America. While the shadows of Jim Crow and segregation can still be detected in selective parts of the country and a very small percentage of the people, this nation has undergone a revolution in the issue of racial relations. Nowhere on Earth can a minority be elected Commander in Chief in two convincing victories. No nation is more colorblind and nondiscriminatory as the very same nation attacked by the Black Lives Matter movement and by the Democratic Party each and every single day.

These attacks are mainstreamed and lauded by the liberal media. This siege and attempt to sink the American dream for minorities are evident in our everyday lives. The effort by the hard left is to convince and deceive them that the core values of the Land of the Free are nothing more than racist ideals contrived by racist slaveholders that hold God near and dear to their hearts. Black Lives Matter, at the end of the day, is nothing more than a modern manifestation of the Communist, Marxist ideas of Saul Alinsky.

The truly alarming part of the Black Lives Matter “movement” is that millions of young people believe in their ideologies of social upheaval and social unrest. It is clear that a stunning majority of today’s youth has been indoctrinated and now embrace the Marxist ideals of economic statism and social communism. The precedent to total governmental control, as I have argued many times in the past, has most often been anarchy. When the social compact of law and order are no longer respected, those in a previously functioning republican government will seize the opportunity to take over, enforcing a despotic regime. That is what the Democratic Party is striving to accomplish today, and nothing gets it done better than Black Lives Matter.

Like Charles de Montesquieu said about society, when the people of society lose “virtue” and the ability to think for themselves, the Republic is lost for good. While black lives and all lives obviously do matter, and the racists of America will almost certainly never go away, the BLM organization does not create racial equality. Instead, by employing Alinsky-inspired tactics and painting law enforcement as the common enemy, Black Lives Matter is a toxic blend of anarchy through mobocracy and the Democratic Party’s plot to gain absolute power for the autocratic ruling class.

The purpose of the argument that systemic racism is integral to this country is not to alleviate racial relations, but rather to worsen them. In plain words, Black Lives Matter is cancer to today’s society that pits neighbors against each other and is fuelled by the current Commander in Chief’s inflammatory rhetoric. The real way of improving racial relations would be to embrace the idea of a colorblind America, to fix the inner cities with school choice vouchers along with free market capitalism, and to respect the police as they serve the general population. America is the most non-racist country in the world today, and we are better than what the liberal media describes us to be.

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