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We could actually be seeing a Clinton in some sort of role in the government in the near future. According to sources that told the New York Post, Chelsea Clinton who is the daughter of former President Bill Clinton and former secretary of state Hilary Clinton. After Hilary lost by a very close margin on Tuesday night, there were many political pundits who were saying that the Clinton political run came to an end. However, that is not the case as first reported by the New York Post as they are hearing other things. They are being told that Chelsea Clinton is being groomed for a run in New York City’s 17th Congressional District. For the people who are reading this and don’t know what the 17th Congressional District is in New York, it is in upstate New York in the areas of Westchester, Rockland County, and Chappaqua, which happens to be where Bill and Hilary currently live. Apparently, it is being talked about that when the current representative, Nita Lowery, decides to retire that Clinton is being looked at as a possible replacement. It should be noted that Chelsea is currently registered to vote in Manhattan where she lives with her husband, Marc Mezvinsky and their two children, Charlotte and Aidan. The source went on to tell the New York Post that while the Clinton family needs time to recoup after Hilary lost the election, they are not given up. Also, it was mentioned by the source that Hilary did not want her daughter to go into the political world, but over the last few years, Chelsea has taken on and is very comfortable in helping with the Clinton Foundation. It should be noted though that the current representative of the 17th district is currently serving her 14th term in Congress and was first elected to the House of Representatives back in 1988, a few years prior to Bill Clinton becoming the president of the United States. It should also be noted that between Bill Clinton and Hilary Clinton, they have roughly 25-plus years serving in the United States government in one form or another. It will be interesting to see if the Clinton political dynasty continues or does it finally get put to rest, only time will tell.

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