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Politics: Rick Perry Power Of Abuse Indictment, Another Example Of GOP Hypocrisy

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AUSTIN – After being indicted for abuse of power, Texas governor and GOP presidential hopeful, Rick Perry may have just given Democrats a talking point for 2016.

Perry, one of the most out-spoken critics of President Barack Obama during his first and current second term, was indicted on two counts of abuse of power, per The Associated Press.

Perry, a potential Republican president front-runner in 2016, would be indicted by a grand jury for allegedly abusing the powers of his office in vetoing funding for state prosecutors investigation public corruption.

If convicted, Perry would become the first governor to be indicted in nearly a century.

With Texas being a longtime and fiercely Republican stronghold, if Perry charged and arrested for abuse of power, do not be surprised to see Democrats seize on what would be a golden opportunity to turn the Lone Star State blue.

For the last six years of Obama’s presidential term, Republicans have constantly and perpetually attacked, criticized and all but bombarded Americans daily about the President being un-American, socialist, Muslim, a tyrant and a man who doesn’t hold American ideals and values in circumventing the Constitution.

In addition, Republicans have consistently preached about ethics, smaller government and personal accountability.

Clearly, Perry forgot his Fox News instruction guide and talking points.

And while a majority of these extremist right-wing rhetoric has been debunked, there is a vast majority of Americans who believe such things, what Perry has just been indicted on is exactly what the GOP has long accused Obama off—yet, have never been able to substantiate such claims.

Perry being indicted could become the gift that will continue to give for the Democrats if they play their cards right.  Whether or not House Majority Speaker John Boehner’s lawsuit against Obama over the Affordable Care Act(ObamaCare) will gain any traction, or lead towards possible impeachment, if the GOP wants to hold on to Texas in ‘16, then they had better convey a strong message that primary voters and the party are watching and are very concerned.

Tough on immigration and refusing to shake the President’s hand on the tarmac is one thing for Perry, but being charged with abuse of power, is something that will be seen by voters as another example of the same old Republican hypocrisy.

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