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Politics: Sanders Bern’s Up The Campaign Trail

While the entire country wonders about Donald and women or Hilary and e-mails, flying under the radar is a candidate both Republicans and Democrats should be wary of, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. The last time this country got this excited about a Sanders, people were learning what Finger Lickin Good meant. Over the past 3 days in Seattle, Portland and Los Angeles Sanders has drawn over 70,000 people, including over
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Megyn Kelly: Are Donald Trump’s Sexist Remarks His Achilles Heel?

While the big news with Donald Trump of late has been his views on immigration, it is another section of the population that he may have an even bigger problem with, and this group votes. That’s right while he may have thought it en vogue to insult the Mexican population, FOX News moderator Megyn Kelly made sure his “anti-female” views became part of the news cycle. Despite setting a ratings
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2015 GOP Debate: Republicans Trumped By The Donald

For Democrats, it was who was going to be the lesser of 10 evils. For the Republicans however, it was who could strike the first blow and knock Donald Trump off of his proverbial “high horse”. That was the tenor of the first Republican debate of the presidential season held on August 6th in downtown Cleveland inside Quicken Loans Arena. With Trump striking the first blow out of the gate
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2016 U.S. Election: Can Hillary Clinton Outrun The Past?

After ending months of speculation, Hillary Clinton is expected to officially announce her candidacy for President of the United States. According to CNN.com, the former First Lady is expected to make the official announcement via video on social media Sunday. Clinton, who served under President Barack Obama from 2009-13 as Secretary of State, faces an uphill challenge from a proverbially blood-thirsty pool of Republican challengers such as Texas senator Ted
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Politics: Rick Perry Power Of Abuse Indictment, Another Example Of GOP Hypocrisy

AUSTIN – After being indicted for abuse of power, Texas governor and GOP presidential hopeful, Rick Perry may have just given Democrats a talking point for 2016. Perry, one of the most out-spoken critics of President Barack Obama during his first and current second term, was indicted on two counts of abuse of power, per The Associated Press. Perry, a potential Republican president front-runner in 2016, would be indicted by
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HR 347 “The Anti-Occupy” Bill: 18 months Later

It's been almost 18 months since the highly criticized HR 347 (also known officially as the "Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act of 2011" was signed into law.  What this bill did, was essentially criminalize protesting the president.  Infamously in certain circles, the bill was one of the only things Congress could bring itself to agree on last year, passing overwhelmingly 399-3, with 30 votes abstaining.  Only Paul Broun