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Eric Hosmer trade rumors
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MLB Trade Rumors: Eric Hosmer an Option for New York Yankees

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With the trade deadline approaching this summer, it’s expected that the Kansas City Royals will sell off. One of their main trade chips is All-Star first baseman, Eric Hosmer.

Hosmer is two years removed from helping the Royals winning the World Series and continues to put up solid numbers. In 2017, Hosmer is hitting .315 with seven home runs and 26 RBI in 64 games thus far. Aside from having a solid bat, he’s one of the best defensive first basemen in the league as well with three Gold Gloves to his name.

So with Kansas City expected to sell, who would benefit from acquiring Hosmer, who is a free agent to be after the year?

The New York Yankees would benefit from Hosmer. Reports have linked the Yankees to Hosmer as being a potential option for them at the deadline next month.

Currently, their starting first baseman, Greg Bird, is on a rehab assignment after landing on the disabled list with an ankle injury. But even in the minors, Bird is struggling, as he’s hitting .143 with no home runs. Before his ankle injury, Bird was struggling terribly with the Yankees.

In the 19 games, he was active for, Bird hit just .100 with one home run and three RBI. This was hardly the player we saw in spring training who tore it up and looked unstoppable. But if Bird can’t find his stroke and get back to the player everyone saw in the spring, the Yankees have a problem.

Right now, they’re relying on Chris Carter, whose been an all-or-nothing hitter. In 49 games for the Yankees, Carter is hitting just .206 with six home runs and 20 RBI. Carter strikes out at an alarming rate and it’s worn on some of the fans, who have grown tired of him.

The Yankees do have Matt Holliday, who has played some games at first base. But the Yankees would prefer to keep Holliday at the designated hitter spot and keep his legs fresh. Holliday has hit .275 with 13 home runs and 40 RBI in 60 games and has been solid in his first season in New York. His presence as a veteran leader has been a big reason why the Yankees are winning. So keeping him at DH instead of first base is more ideal.

With that said, the Yankees may be in need for a first baseman since their current options aren’t giving them much production. The Yankees could also try to bring up Tyler Austin, but how much is he going to help since he hasn’t played in the majors since the end of last season.

A trade for Hosmer would make sense since it would be only a rental and wouldn’t block Bird from getting back to the majors. Bird could work out his issues in the minor leagues without a need to force him back so soon.

Since Eric Hosmer is under contract for just this season, a trade shouldn’t cost the Yankees major prospects in a deal. Because he shouldn’t, it’s why the Yankees are considered a landing spot for Hosmer next month if he gets moved.

What the Yankees would benefit from with Hosmer is his experience, especially in the postseason. Hosmer showed a clutch factor when he came up with key hits during the Royals run to the World Series in 2015. Currently, the Yankees look like they are on track to playing postseason baseball.

Having another hitter who could help get them back to October baseball can only help things. The Yankees would benefit from acquiring Eric Hosmer this summer, as he could help the Yankees in a championship run.

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