As football is played all-round the globe and is declared as the most popular game in the world it also has many types of leagues. Talking about football, most participant countries are from Europe. So, Europe plays a vital role in making football a living game all around the year.

Either its La Liga or any other the enthusiasm found in these matches of European people is of a different type.

Each city celebrates the champion celebration in its own way. So, you may also have quick look over the Premier League football highlights. Following are some of the most popular leagues played in Europe all around the year till the world cup comes up with its glitz and glamour.

Premier League:

The premier league is the top-notch English football league played between the 20 clubs. The clubs in this league are selected as soon as the teaming is done that is the players are selected. The season of Premier League starts from August and goes till May having matches in the evening on Saturdays and Sundays (as these are declared as the weekends in England so, more audience can be grabbed in it). Following are the 20 clubs that will take part in the Premier League 2019-2020:

1. Arsenal

2. Aston Villa

3. Bournemouth

4. Brighton and Hove Albion

5. Burnley

6. Chelsea

7. Crystal Palace

8. Everton

9. Leicester City

10. Liverpool

11. Manchester City

12. Manchester United

13. New Castle United

14. Norwich City

15. Sheffield United

16. Southampton

17. Tottenham Hotspur

18. Watford

19. West Ham United

20. Wolverhampton Wanderers

La Liga:

The full form of La Liga is Campeonato Nacional de Liga de Primera Division so, that’s why commonly known as La Liga. The La Liga championship was found in 1929, 90 years back in the country Spain. It is also the most popular league in town for which people wait to watch. In this championship, there are 20 teams. Each having its own club shareholder and talented players that come from different countries to bring colors in it. Following are the top 20 teams that will be taking part in the next La Liga championship 2019-2020:

1. Alaves

2. Athletic Bilbao

3. Atletico Madrid

4. Barcelona

5. Celta Vigo

6. Eibar

7. Espanyol

8. Getafe

9. Granada

10. Leganes

11. Levante

12. Osasuna

13. Real Betis

14. Real Madrid

15. Real Sociedad

16. Sevilla

17. Valencia

18. Valladolid

19. Villarreal

20. TBA


Bundesliga is the German League which is marked as the highest average stadium attendance in the globe. It is a primary football league and ranked on number 1 in the list of German leagues. 18 teams take part in it on the basis of promotion and relegation.

Serie A:

The Serie A TIM is the Italian football leading league and the TIM in it is named due to the sponsorship by TIM of this league. The Serie A was founded in 1898, 121 years ago in Italy. The number of teams takes part it is 20. It is declared as the most tactical national league of Italy.

Champions League:

The UEFA Champions League started in 1955, 64 years back. The Champions League is declared as the most prestigious event in the area of the football. The leading club members take part in this event. About 81 teams take part in it divided in 32 groups.

Europa League:

The Europa League started in 1971, 48 years back. 48 teams take part in this event that is qualified after the Champions League group stage. The Europa League title is won by 28 clubs till now.

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