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Sterling Media on 5 Ways PR Agencies Can Promote Diversity in their Workspace

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Inclusivity and diversity in the workplace should not be used as a way of just ticking a box or to fill a page in the company handbook either.

Having a diverse workplace is much more beneficial for innovation, creativity, performance, retaining employees and the company brand. These can be adopted and used in many ways and bring about much greater success as a brand, its global consulting services and marketing.

Sterling Media is a global, business and strategic communication consultancy, founded in 1995 with a mission to drive innovation by bringing brands closer to their purpose in more meaningful ways. As a result, their campaigns empower audiences, shape perceptions, create trends, drive innovation and shift the zeitgeist to inspire lasting positive action and ultimately turn purpose into profit.

Here, the company shares 5 ways a PR agency can promote diversity in their workspace:

Develop an Effective PR Strategy

Not having a diverse brand strategy in place will increase the likelihood of not hitting targets or securing success. As clients become more conscious and aware of the world, it is important that any PR agency has a plan in place to make diversity a key aspect of the company.

Hiring for Diversity

Today, brands can no longer afford to focus on multicultural audiences just as and when, but instead must shift their entire marketing communication focus to include these groups indefinitely.

Whether it is lack of women at board level or not enough BAME employees on certain teams/projects, there will be the right person from these backgrounds who can deliver success. This will make any projects more effective as these employees will analyse the customer base and resources differently.

Management Communication


Encouraging diversity in any global PR agency should come from the top. In establishing clear and effective communication the structure of the agency will be much more improved as employees will be more aware of what is expected of them. By describing clearly the company’s diversity programmes and goals, there will be a greater understanding of its expectations. This will also make other aware that behaviour that is against diversity and inclusion will not be tolerated.

Introduce a Mentor Programme

Mentors are in place to impart wisdom and share knowledge with a less experienced colleague. For diversity, giving someone that acts as a role model for them can keep them motivated and inspired through the job, especially when it is difficult.

Create Diversity-Friendly Policies

Establishing a number of diversity-friendly policies, such as flexible working hours to allowing employees to take time off on religious holidays, are some of the easiest things a company can do to promote inclusion in their workplace. This can be done in several effective ways which in turn, will bring about greater benefits for the company.

About Sterling Media:

Sterling Media, is an award-winning, multi-disciplinary global business and communications consultancy. The company represents corporates, companies, consumer brands, charities, celebrities, countries, governments, and global thought leaders.

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