The capacities as the artist of Penélope Casanola come to the ceiling with the interpretation of “Let you fly” your last English theme that forms part of your next album. This time, with an English version of its “Volar” song, the latter has already exceeded 140,000 streams and the video more than one million views.

Penélope, who has always excelled in Latin America with urban pop, R & B in Spanish and reggaeton, on this occasion, presents something different with “Let you fly”, song in which you show your skills as bilingual and once again your voice shines with the chords of music.

This topic was produced by Nando Pro next to La Companioni, INC, with the general direction of its manager Luis Damian Alonso.

Since its inception, Penélope has been inspired by artists such as Ariana Grande, Ella Mai, Summer Walker, Jhené Aiko, Beyoncé, Rihanna. Penélope, this 2021 continues to prepare the repertoire of his first album and to do this, he will be launching new songs and important collaboration in his career in a different genre.

Listen to Penélope Casanola on digital platforms and hang on their social networks such as @penelopecasanola

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