Street artist RS-ONE surprised everyone with the release of his latest hit, “LOCO”. The Dominican launches a pop / urban that speaks of love, attraction and nostalgia for a woman who drives him crazy.

RS-ONE presents their new single “LOCO” which contains a super catchy beat. The single was accompanied by a colorful lyric video on YouTube, positioning itself within music platforms.

With LOCO, the internationally recognized singer-songwriter and artist demonstrates his innate ability to create a sound that is incomparable, versatile and distinct. On the new track, RS-ONE showcases his unique melody and his fun and whimsical ability to write a song that captures his essence as a global artist. Its unique tonality is combined with a slow reggaeton rhythm.

Available on YOUTUBE

“This topic led me to show myself in my social networks in love and totally crazy, many people connected with me. This song comes with another level of production, I’m super happy with this material, it’s just that I’m crazy. !!! RS-ONE commented.

“Loco” is one of the most anticipated and acclaimed songs by the artist’s fans, who simply fell in love with the song with the progress it shared when it was being written.

“Loco” is available on all digital platforms and with a Lyric video on the YouTube platform.

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